Standard Chartered X Harbour City - Chocolate Trail 2012

Moses attends Standard Chartered X Harbour City's Chocolate Trail event.

Source: Sing Tao Daily, wenweipo, Oriental Daily, on.cc, Appledaily, Headline Daily, mingpao

I don't like the grey dress shirt and the grey shoes hahaha. He should also stop losing weight now. Anymore and he won't look healthy. Stop being so awesome at losing weight!! Lol
Moses is so good with little kids!! He should really start making some of his own now keke ;)


  1. Mare, I totally agree with you that Mo should stop losing weight. He wasn't fat(in person) when I saw him in December. Now he is becoming too thin...

  2. Keke I think sometimes he's really good at hiding it...Maybe he got fat after you left :P He's probably eating so much with Aimee.