The Link Chinese New Year Spring Gathering

Moses attends The Link's Chinese New Year celebration.

Source: Appledaily, mingpao, on.cc, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily

What happened to his cool hairstyle from last week? And it looks like someone gained weight again lol.
2-3 more weeks until War and Beauty II costume fitting??? Aw man, such a long wait. I hope he shaves his head for that day. I miss seeing him bald!! Hopefully he'll look just as good as I remember.
I'm surprised he doesn't know his role yet. I kinda want him to play a guard, soldier, or general. He was so manly in the first installment!


  1. its unfortunate charmaine is not in WAB2 cuz i actually liked her character in the first one

    oh and just out of curiosity, has charmaine surpass gigi lai in the number of times collaborating with moses?

  2. I know! After watching "4" I really want her in WAB2. And she looks so pretty in the first one. :/

    I just counted...and if I counted correctly, it's a tie now hahaha

  3. what a funny coincidence...now that charmaine is leaving tvb this might be the last time they collaborate...gigi's last series was with moses as well..hahah