Ferrari & Maserati Showroom

Moses attends the grand opening ceremony for a Ferrari & Maserati flagship showroom and introduces the new Ferrari 458 Spider.

Source: on.cc, wenweipo, Metro Daily, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, Headline Daily, mingpao

HK Headline

I love his love for white cars!! He should totally get this car and sell his black Porsche hahaha. This car is way sexier.
Why does he look different everyday? Different in a good way though lol. I love his skull scarf!!! I wonder what happened to that skull ring of his...he hasn't worn it in a while.


  1. He's nice with this hair style...love him!!!

  2. wait...moses has a black porsche? i didnt know that, does he have more than one care because i didnt think the ones caught by paparazzis was a porsche

  3. Rene: Love him!!!!

    jwjksng: I think he has 3 cars...One is the really old Mazda MX5, which I'm not sure if he even drives it anymore. One is his current Toyota that we see a lot on magazines. And then there's the black Porsche that he bought second hand a few years ago.

  4. jwjksng: You mean the black car that he's been seen driving lately? That Benz belongs to Aimee...HAHAHAHA!!!

  5. I don't think Mo still has the Mazda but he does have a Porsche which he rarely drives.He keeps stuff like filming schedule in his Toyota so it's his working car...^^

  6. I think he still has his Mazda somewhere...He's had it for so long so I don't think he can part with it. He definitely drives his Toyota more. The Porsche is probably for dates kekekeke xD