"4 In Love" - 『戀愛夢成真』

Moses attends 4 In Love's second promotion event.

Source: on.cc, Appledaily, Sing Tao Daily, mingpao, Headline Daily

Why is he always wearing that shirt?!! Lol...
Did you guys see the theme video yet? The song is not bad...the beat is quite catchy hahaha.
I just finished the 1st episode and I like it. Moses' character isn't goofy...so far, which is a good thing. Please don't be goofy!!!!!


  1. i just watched the 1st ep too...i am soooo glad he is not goofy like YSNS cuz i might not watch it then.

    i disagree about the theme song, i think it sounds terrible and wished he didnt sing it lol

  2. I'd still watch it if he were goofy, but just won't like it...HAHAHA!!!

    I wonder if it'd sound better if Jin sang it since he's a professional rap artist...... But honestly the truth is I have a soft spot for rap music hehe :D