I've talked about it about 100 times....Well, mostly to myself. How do I go about this without making a fool outta myself?

When a pairing you've loved and supported for so many years comes to an end it hurts so bad. It hurts even more when you find out that they really were once together and it wasn't just a rumor. Sh*t becomes real and you start remembering the good times you had chatting, laughing, and spazzing with fellow fans.

2004, I wasn't a Mo fan yet...That was when they first met. That was when it all started...the filming of Love Bond and Healing Hands III was when they got to know each other and finally hit it off. 2005, the broadcast of Love Bond, at the time I only caught the first few episodes...A month later came The Gentle Crackdown, Moses captured my attention and I was totally engrossed. If you're a fangirl or fanboy you know exactly how the process goes. You start digging into your idol's past. I thought Moses and Niki were cute together, but gah when I learned of Moses and Bernice I fell in love. They were so perfect together. As crazy as it sounds, I pretty much spent 5.5 years all up in their love life. Every news article, every magazine interview, every televised entertainment news interview, every radio interview I've read, seen, and heard....Dang...

...Where did I want to go with this? I can go on and on helping Moses, but man that might give me a heart condition. All that anger ain't good for a person....

This entry is to remember what Moses and Bernice once had. First off..."HAHA!!" to those who didn't believe.
2004-2008!!!!!!!! And I'm still gonna believe it was on and off from 2008-2010.
From now on I don't think I can bring myself to re-watch anything that has anything to do with the two...Love Bond and Healing Hands...The Super Trio episode. Oh my gah, the chemistry in Love Bond. The way they touched each other. Moses always liked touching her thigh. And Bernice in that one scene when he was carrying her, she had her face all up in the back of his neck. Super Trio, I died when she immediately hid in his thighs. They were so cute together. During interviews, the sweet things they'd say...the flirtatious banters...the way they looked at each other or just the way one stared at the other...the way they giggled and laughed out loud......Remember in 2006 at the "Astro" awards when they sat next to each other whispering into each others' ears. They won awards and thanked each other. He won "Best Actor" and thanked her and said, "this is necessary." Remember the time in 2007 when he won TVB "Best Actor" and he kinda thanked her...how happy she looked in that one picture that captured her reaction.... Good times. Great times!
And let's not forget Mac & Bailey.... She always said Mac was given to her by a friend when she was sad and needed it most. M&B!!

Wish what happened didn't happen. Wish it didn't have to end the way it did. I rather have it end quietly and not know anything at all. Wish we could go back to '05-'07....Sh*t was so positive back then. I miss 'em. As much as I don't like whatever these days. I'll miss those crazy days "chasing" 'em. It was so much fun. The high they gave us.
...I was waiting for him to make a response, but whatever, I guess I have closure now after saying all this... So I can finally say: Goodbye MoB (2004-2010).


Filming "4 In Love" [2]

6/27-6/28 at Mong Kok:

KK's TVB Blog - 大師初現


Woot! Love that we get to "see" him every other day hehehe. He's wearing his own clothes!!! Well the tee and cap... For some reason I'm really lovin' the pants on him. Maybe 'cause it looks so comfortable haha :D
Hey, it's Hoi...what's he doing there?

PCCW Netvigator Commercial [1]

Door-to-door: 30s, 40s
師奶 + Drama (30s)
Teen + Online Gaming (30s)
師奶 + WiFi (30s)
Family + 200M (30s)

Awww, such a cute commercial. His voice is so right for this job hahaha so polite and soft.

These commercials are so much fun! Moses should really do more commercials. It's like watching short dramas keke :P I'm easily satisfied...


Filming "4 In Love" [1]

6/24 at Tsim Sha Tsui:


6/25 at Mong Kok:


Moses is lookin' a bit heavy...chubby... I just wanna give him a hug so bad! :D
Where'd your pants go????! :lick lips: No no keke Such smooth, soft, hairless legs mmm... HAHAHA!!!! Love ya, Moses!


Biotherm (New Skin-Ergetic Cooking Workshop)

Moses attends a cooking workshop for Biotherm.
He is currently discussing to film a commercial for a lifestyle appliance.

Source: Appledaily, singpao, on.cc, wenweipo, AM730, mingpao, Headline Daily

More pictures:
Weibo: iMOREhk, Beautylink, ivy植植, CATHcheung儿, SyreetaSik, GladysMan, BeautyTaste, 喜氣兒喜氣兒, BeautyTaste, SyreetaSik, AlvinGoh吳海豪, 純美生活TiffanyWong, 黃婉曼, joeycamy陳祖怡, joannewu卓琳, 香港eLadies, Kiki佩琪, KatieKwok, iMag雜誌, WanNatalie, IamMichelle
純美生活-Tiffany Wong

MC Hall - M Channel - Brazil
Headline Daily

Moses cooking! Yay yay yay! Wish he'd make a guest appearance on a cooking show. I'd watch him cook anything hahaha.
What's with the outfit? HAHA!!!! Going for a younger look? :P


Saint Honore Cake Shop

Moses becomes the new spokesperson for Saint Honore Cake Shop.
Recently, he filmed and photoshoot a new set of television commercials and advertisement called 「品味‧就是聖安娜」 for the bakery.

Source: Appledaily, Oriental Daily, Hong Kong Daily News

More commercials!!!!! Can't wait to see these 'cause it looks so good just looking at these pictures.

BlackBerry PlayBook

Moses attends the press conference for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Source: wenweipo, Sing Tao Daily, singpao, Metro Daily, Headline Daily, Appledaily, mingpao, HKHeadline

More pictures:
Weibo: 数字尾巴, 客博的黄帅, yehongye, iMag雜誌, _陳柒_

HK Headline

Moses comes home and then I get 1000000 things to do...I love it!! But do stay a while please :D
I love the Headline video. His eyes say "I need sleep," but his smile says "Yay, let's play!"



Moses attends Clarks Causeway Bay flagship store grand opening ceremony.

Source: on.cc, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, singpao, Headline Daily, takungpao, singtao, wenweipo, mingpao, The Sun, Hong Kong Daily News

More pictures:
Weibo: LouiseStarz, LeonLai里安拉, tiffany粉尼, 何紫綸, 譚晴Ricksen, Carmankwan, 陸小乱在賣聲, -蔡XX


The jacket he wore for Love & Peace :snicker snicker:
Moses is growing back his mustache & beard!!!! Could it be because he's going to Brazil to film Coffee Confidential 2 so he can keep his look in it consistent? BUT please be facial hairless in 4 In Love haha that would look more right.


"4 In Love" Costume Fitting

Moses attends the costume fitting for 4 In Love.
The producer is Chik Kei Yi. 20 episodes. 4 love stories.
Moses plays a man who grew up on the streets of Mong Kok. In short, he is a MK仔. He works at an electrical appliance shop.
Charmaine plays an international superstar who always wants to retire, but her management company constantly gives her work, which leads to numerous rumored relationships. She wants to retire and find simple and true love. Moses is her fan and they will later develop a love relationship. Charmaine will be using Moses to create rumors/gossip.
Moses stated that this drama will discuss the reality in the entertainment industry and the relationship between men and women in today's society.

Source: HKHeadline, on.cc, singpao, singtao, Appledaily, wenweipo, mingpao

More pictures:
Weibo: 郭穎絲, Fannie_Ng
KK's TVB Blog

Moses' TVB Blog
Charmaine's TVB Blog
Patrick Dunn's TVB Blog

I like that this drama is something very simple, yet interesting. Just my opinion...lol The idea of a superstar falling for a fan...wow, it's just that :thumbs up: And "D, AW!" I love Moses' look here hahaha. The cap is totally cute and a casual tee with baggy pants...nice nice :D
Moses, just please don't be goofy funny in this. Can you be gangsta ghetto funny haha like a whole lot of sarcasm? Be a bada$$ with a soft heart... You gotta be a little nice to win a girl over, right?

Gonna go read up on MK culture now HAHAHAHA!