"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" Celebration

The cast and crew of Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! gather to celebrate last week's high ratings.

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Congrats to the cast and crew of Sir!!!!
Sequel.....hmmm...I just want me some Moses + Linda that's all. HAHAHAHA It can be about anything :P


Smoke-free Community Promotion Campaign

Moses attends the Smoke-free Community Promotion Campaign.

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Love the outfit! Wish his hair could have more life haha.
Smoking is a horrible habit :two thumbs down:


Audi A6

Moses attends the new Audi A6 unveiling party.

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Youku - Tungstar

Emotionally drained by the ending of Sir. First Sir then Audi haha... I didn't like it and I have a very good reason why. It felt like KaHo哥 or the writer was more into leaving the show with a positive message than anything else. Like that's ok...a positive message is a very good thing, but what's with the weird relationship thingy. Yes, I'm very bias. I'm seriously too into 阿華 + Carman HAHAHA I'm gonna be honest and say I wanted them together in the end just 'cause I wasn't really feeling 阿華 + 阿雪. I swear the writers were very into 阿華 + Carman's story as well 'cause it felt like they totally neglected 阿華 + 阿雪, which is why we didn't really feel the chemistry and love between the latter. After the writers made the split between 阿華 + Carman, they either got really freakin' lazy or just plain ran out of ideas 'cause there was a way for them to make it work between 阿華 + Carman, but it didn't happen. I think it would've been way more romantic if 阿華 finally realized he loves Carman. If not together together can we still see lingering feelings? Like c'mon, the whole pants twisting and grabbing and fidgeting went no where! There could've been more drama, but I guess the show just wasn't long enough. Rushed much? :Breathe:...I'm so over it after this rant lol :P I rather just have everyone be single and go on their merry way and not meet up like the way 阿華 + 阿雪 did. I guess you can say a very very very open ending haha. I will really really really miss the way Linda says, "阿華." SWEET!

Audi!!!!! Moses and his old haircut... I really want his mustache + beard look back :( I guess the good thing about the clean cut look is he gets to be more adorkable. But for reals, I hate his hair like this--I gotta get it off my chest. A lot of honesty today folks xD Blame it on Sir.


Jaguar by Lalique

Moses attends an event for Lalique's new Jaguar fragrance.

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Moses, who taught you to talk like that? Gosh, whisper sweet nothings in my ears hahaha.
Argh, so aggravated with 羅Sir. Man, I seriously need a new Moses + Linda drama collabo real soon. And they better be madly in love. Like MADLY!!!! ROFL!! If he and her were supposed to be together in the Nelson production...:'(