Gc Watches

Moses attends Gc Watches' store grand opening event in Beijing.



Sina - Tungstar
MC Hall - MC Channel

Moses sure can rock a suit. I especially love him in the blue jacket + white pants :drool: He's definitely the king of awkward smiles ehhh ehhh keke...
There are more pictures at Weibo so check it out when you have time :D



Call me obsessive, but what has Moses been up to lately? I need to know! Hahaha. When he's on vacation this lonesome feeling just rushes upon me. Oh man, I sound pathetic...Anyhoo, we should have a lot to look forward to. Currently, patiently waiting for an official air date for any of the 3 dramas he's filmed. Personally, I would like Yes Sir, No Sir to air during the summer, When Heaven Burns as an anniversary drama, and 《心戰》 to air some time next year. No particular reason why those dates were chosen...it just feels right to me. I know nothing about good ratings season lol. Then there's Coffee Confidential 2. When he last spoke of it he said they should start filming in April. I wonder how long it'll take them to film. Does anyone know how long he was away for Coffee Confidential 1?????? I hate that I didn't keep track last time :{ Kinda wanna kick myself now. Will it take a month 'cause tabloids are saying he's gonna be filming a costume drama with JJ Jia in May? :shrug: So about the new drama in May...it's with Myolie? With Bobby??!!!!! asdlkasjldaujenddaw I have no words if it's with Bobby. It's been way too long. AND AND AND the time period might be the Qing Dynasty?!! Please make Moses shave his head! I beg with tears in my eyes :') I love bald Moses. It's like second best after spiked and fluffy haired Moses from 2002-2004! Seriously, why won't he do his hair like that anymore...I think we should save this topic for another day keke. But yea, I wonder what the drama will be about...a comedy? I don't know how I feel about costume drama comedies anymore. So over it :P Okay I got it. If it's a comedy, how about have Moses be the not funny one lol like Ko Fei in Better Halves. Actually, he was a bit funny in there so I guess I'm trying to say funny but not too funny like the way Ko Fei was rofl do I make any sense? Alright, all this mumble jumble and I don't think I'm getting any where. Hmmm, you can say it's one of those posts to keep us updated on Moses for those who are in need of some Moses news :D

What are your thoughts on the May drama?


Yamato Transport (HK) Ltd.

Moses attends Yamato Transport (HK) Ltd. TA-Q-BIN launching ceremony.

Source: on.cc, The Sun, singpao, Headline Daily, Appledaily, wenweipo, takungpao, mingpao, Sing Tao Daily


Looks like Moses got himself a tan! Nice nice!!!! :D
I wish he would make more public appearances, but I'm extremely happy that he gets his sweet break.


舊日的足跡 (RTHK)

Prerecorded interview of Moses with 鄭子誠. Moses shares some of his favorite songs and the story behind each one and more.

Click to listen. The program is 2 hours long so continue to listen after the song "For a Friend".

願 by 林憶蓮 (from Twenty Something)
Careless Whisper by Wham!
True Colors by Cyndi Lauper
For a Friend by The Communards
More Than Words by Extreme
漣漪 by 陳百強
Love Is Blindness by Cassandra Wilson
Kissing You by Des'ree
The Girl From Ipanema by Getz/Gilberto

This is the second time we hear him talk about his favorite songs + music. Can you imagine Moses listening to this stuff on his music player, whatever he uses hahaha! This is one of those moments I find him o-l-d keke :P
I don't get his "other name" joke. Does anyone else get it? Is it his Jesus joke from another radio interview? ?_?
Can you imagine Moses in ESL?? Omm, the only boy in ESL I'll ever be attracted to!!!! Him and his big & tall self hanging out with the little kids in ESL...too cute :dead: The way he sounds all satisfied and happy with the tomato, honey, bread, mango, potato, etc. He's so silly! And I just love how he keeps saying high school. It's very attractive hehehe
I miss him playing roles like Cao Pi. Those very masculine roles. His roles these days have been too soft...jelly lol. It makes him seem so "soft" in reality as well, which is not cool. I miss manly characters like Hung Mou, Dr. M.C. Lam, Ko Fei, Kelvin, Sit Sui, and Johnlung. Man, that air he carried after the broadcast of War and Beauty was so fudgin' sexy--ALL MAN!!!!!!! I think I need to rewatch War and Beauty now :nod nod: But his roles in When Heaven Burns and 《心戰》 should do the trick. ...Or maybe it's his hairstyle that's not doing it for me xD
Love how he messed up the atmosphere with his "1 mommy." ROFLMAO!!!! Craziest moment in the studio. His comment on Bernice is so misleading, but this has to be the longest he's talked about her since the whole thing happened. I guess now I can finally say they're just friends.
I need to hear your voice more, Moses!! Where are you??? keke


Happy Lunar New Year!

Moses brings in the New Year at Lok Fu Plaza + other New Year news.

Source: mingpao, on.cc, Appledaily, The Sun, Oriental Daily

Source: Headline Daily, Sing Tao Daily

Source: on.cc

MC Hall - MC Channel
pochaccochu's Channel

Did you not wear that last year....? :walks away slowly: lol


Kinect for Xbox 360

Moses attends Kinect for Xbox 360's function.

Source: Headline Daily, on.cc, Oriental Daily, singpao, Appledaily, wenweipo, Metro Daily

What a big difference the facial hair makes -_-||| He went and got a haircut for Chinese New Year, but then he also had to go and shave his beard + mustache? Hahaha!! I miss it already :(