TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Presentation

Moses attends TVB's 45th Anniversary Awards Presentation.

Source: on.cc, Appledaily, The Sun, mingpao

Oh my gah!!!! So much love in TVB and I mean love between a man and a woman. I pretty much watched the show for Moses + Aimee and Bosco + Myolie moments. I love love lol. Bosco and Myolie should get married and have 500 babies hahaha.
At first I thought Moses wasn't going to go. He mentioned not going in one magazine interview. From the photoshoot pics it looked like the interview was done a long time ago...I guess he changed his mind after he got his haircut keke.
A little disappointed that Linda didn't win anything for Miss Koo.
It's ok! There's always next year!! :D

Oh shot! I just watched this moment...When Sheren said she left out Moses in her speech. His reaction was so cool. The little things he does.


  1. I only watched it for Mo & Aimee. Moses has better taste in dressing than most of the siu sangs. I am quite horrified with Bosco's fashion sense. Wayne also needs to stick to something simple. Sorry to say, he is too old to play with fashion. Leave that to someone with a better fashion sense...however I don't see any yet. Grasshooper..., Wyman...Definately a big NO.NO!!!

  2. He dressed really simple this year... The past few years you gotta admit was a bit weird as well...I like simple Mo better :D

  3. Just saw the ent news. The guy was asking Mo who is the best dressed artist, and Mo says Aimee. Ha.ha we know very well her dress wasn't that amazing. Both didn't wear any jewellery. Even Mo says what a coincident.

  4. AWWWWW so sweet!!! Where can i watch this ent news?? Is it online?
    Moses is definitely head over heels in love with Aimee... I like what Aimee wore. It's lace! I think it's lace haha. It's her favorite!! Yea, Aimee is a very simple girl...She doesn't even wear earrings!! <3

  5. I saw it on tv. I think it will be online soon.

  6. Awww, I hope I get to see it soon haha. Any interview with Aimee??

  7. No Aimee interview at all. Did u notice Mo looked at Aimee when the mc asked Aimee about 配跑? Mo's girlfriend are all lousy in chinese. They should ask Moses to translate yhe meaning to Aimee. That will be fun for us fans of both.

  8. sigh i dont feel like watching it this year cuz i know myolie and kevin were probably the best choice out of all that tvb had to offer this year...but honestly still dont think either were worthy of the winning the title...not to mention 3 awards

    what was sheren's speech about? im interested in the Mo moments but really dont want to watch through the whole show for it

  9. Jenny: Of course!! They totally did a close up of him with his cute loving smiling haha. The new MC, Vincent, just wasn't doing it right lol.

    jwjksng: I didn't watch the whole thing...I bet I also missed a lot of Mo moments :(
    You know how award presenters are supposed to do a little speech thing before the top 5 video is shown...well Sheren left Mo out. After the top 5 video she realized and said she forgot Mo and then said Mo and her should wait till next year with WAB...something along the lines. It's definitely way funnier in Chinese and Moses reaction was so ying!!!