Tai Po Mega Mall Welcomes Christmas

Moses performs at Tai Po Mega Mall to start of the upcoming Christmas celebrations.

Source: on.cc, HK Headline, Appledaily, The Sun, Oriental Daily, singpao, mingpao

HK Headline

I really like his jacket!! It's so slimming hahaha. I like the on.cc picture of him standing next to his drawing. His smile there is so cute! I just wonder why his 女神 (angel) has a black face....must be some artsy thing I don't comprehend lol.
I was really anticipating Aimee's thoughts on his performance in When Heaven Burns. I am now content.
A few weeks ago, Moses said he might be filming 《天梯》 on Christmas Day. I wonder if that's still true. Today's news says Moses is currently very busy filming and wants to finish filming soon so he can spend the holiday with Aimee. You can do it Moses, but make sure you get enough rest.


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