"The Last Steep Ascent" Blessing Ceremony

Moses attends the blessing ceremony for 《天梯》.

Source: Appledaily, on.cc, Headline Daily, singpao, Metro Daily, mingpao


I kinda like this outfit hehe. The color really suits him.
I realized I really like Mo & Aimee's height difference. When they hug her head's right there on his shoulder...d'awww!!!! Moses needs to let her talk more when they're interviewed together. I love hearing her speak...she's always so positive and omg so smart. She can tell me her life story and I'd listen lol.


  1. Haha...she is always so demure beside him..nodding her head and agreeing with whatever he is saying. And when she speaks, Mo would look at her and nod his head in agreement.I'm praying real hard that she would remain this sweet and not let all the attention get to her head...

  2. HAHA~ I still want Moses to let her talk more. He's taking up all the interview time!! :P
    I too want her to stay humble forever. She's incredibly sweet <3