I didn't want to talk about it here. Like go all crazy the way I did in the past. But I can't hold it in any longer...

Moses, I really like your girlfriend!

Honest to 天, I really wasn't feeling it at first. When the first tabloid magazine came out (Oriental Sunday) I was like, "Oh!" It wasn't the first time OS said he was seeing someone. His first rumored girlfriend after the incident was Candice and the second was Kate. Neither were true so I thought, "Yea, this one with Aimee is just another rumor. The rumors will die down soon." Looking back, I think the tabloids made him realize that there can be something between him and Aimee. She's straight forward, sweet, nice, and hardworking...and I dunno, the jawline/neck thing that he kinda has a fetish for HAHAHA! ;P

In a strange high profile way, Moses told everyone that he's working hard on pursing her. It wasn't the Moses we knew. Moses was always so low profile. STRANGE. The silliest thing though, imagine she said, "No." Hahaha!!! Ehhh, that would've been so awk-ward. So for a few months, there was this back and forth thing between Moses and Aimee. On September 19, they attended their first public function together and you kinda get the hint that they're dating. On September 20, it was a little bit more obvious. Then after a few days, NEXT busted out a magazine with photos taken of the two feeding each other, hugging, and kissing at Aimee's new apartment. So finally, on September 29, they publicized their relationship. By that time I was already head over heels in love with the idea of the 2 dating. It's been so long since I've seen Moses this happy and fun :'D And I started to discover that Aimee is just an amazing person. To be real honest, I didn't like her at first. The craziest story...The way I felt about her is kinda like the way I felt about Moses when he first entered TVB. I used to make fun of the way he looks (well not anymore, I now know it's all about his personality!). And Aimee just wasn't attractive to me too. But seriously, it's really about the personality and what's within. If you're beautiful on the inside, you're beautiful on the outside. Aimee has such a big heart. I recently watched her BTS and NG clips online and wow, she's so sweet and nice. When confused she's like a little kid and when serious she's so so smart. Oh my gah, I think I have a girl crush on her! The way she answers questions about Moses. I lol all the time. Every little thing she says about Moses makes me fall in love with her even more...

I've been thinking about writing this entry for the past few days now, but why did I choose to do it today? You guys have to check out Aimee's latest Headline Daily interview (10/06/2011)! This is my favorite part:


She said he's really cute! ...I need a moment :') And then she added with a look of envy, "You guys really know each other for such a long time!" 0.o D'awww, Aimee you sweet lady. Moses, I like your girlfriend! No wait...Moses, I love your girlfriend!!!

I wasn't used to seeing the words 女朋友 and 男朋友 without 緋聞 in front of it haha. It's growing on me now.


  1. I am loving this girl more and more. She defend Mo when reporter asked her about Bernice saying he did not acknowledged her. I agree with her reply. The decision to remain silent is a mutual agreement , not one party alone. She also says friends and reporters are all asking her to treasure him as he is a very nice guy. It's like a slap in the face to Bernice and her stupid assistant.

  2. ^^^I agree with everything you said and what jenny said! honestly i didnt like aimee cuz i didnt think she was pretty enough and that she isn't a good actress...but it just took some time for me to get out of the fan/audience point of view to see that yeah those qualities are not important to moses and its def. not something you need to look for in a significant other

    that being said. when i read about bernice's assistant's comments, i was plainly disgusted. it was obvious that you both mutually agreed to keep it low profile and a secret...if anything there were many times when he made it obvious and she tried to avoid it...but when news made her look bad b/c of her own choice and action she comes to say she and him did date and tried to drag him down to save herself

    i thought how aimee responded was brilliant. it shows how intelligent she really is. she answered in a way that defended moses and basically proved/said bernice is wrong in a very classy way. i was so impressed by her response...i agree she is starting to grow on me...but i dont think i can support her as an actress until she improves (another similarity, her and bernice are terrible actresses ~ sorry fans, just my opinion)

  3. also, i too thought it strange how public moses made it that he was pursuing her. it made me think it was just tvb using it as a stunt so that they can use moses to promote aimee (on some levels i still think it was tvb's idea). i didnt think the relationship was legit thus it made me not support it more....but now im just happy cuz moses is happy and aimee seems like an actually nice and intelligent person

  4. Jenny: I love how she defends him! o(*v*)o It's the little things she does that make me love her. Like the way she makes him smile just by smiling hehe. I love how she makes him so happy. Forgetting all the negative stuff and looking forward to more sweet Mo + Aimee moments :D

  5. jwjksng: I'm pretty over liking an artist just 'cause they're a good actor/actress.... I kinda care more about their personality. Aimee gets 101 points for that :D
    Aimee sounds really smart and mature. A great reason to look up to her. Her response was definitely very classy :thumbs up: She's been acting for only 4-5 years...? We should definitely give her more time. And Moses needs to improve too lol

    Nah, I don't think Moses would do that...but if he did it's probably 'cause he believes she's totally worth it xD