To Be Filmed - "The Last Steep Ascent"

• Producer Lee Tim Sing (The Battle Against Evil)
• Tentative Name: 《天梯》
• Starts in September (20~)
• 30 Episodes
• 民初 Period (Premodern)
• Cast: Moses, Maggie Cheung, KK Cheung, Aimee Chan, Joel Chan San Chung, Edwin Siu, Benjamin Yuen, etc.
• Moses will be paired with Maggie. There will be no love triangles.

Source: NEXT #1114, E-News interview with Maggie, mingpao, Appledaily

Tim哥 mentioned that KK and Joel will be involved in the Chinese herbal medication business...Ehhh, I wonder if Moses will be doing the same thing. I'm not sure how I feel about this.


《天梯》 will be based on a true story...
In a village there lived 徐朝清 and 劉國江. When they first met, 徐朝清 was 16 years old and 劉國江 was 6 years old. The beautiful newlywed bride, 徐朝清, was requested by 劉國江's parents to touch the gums of his 2 front teeth so it would grow out faster. When she stuck her finger in his mouth, 劉國江 drooled and when he realized he became shy and wanted to take a breath, but accidentally bit 徐朝清's finger. From this day, 劉國江 started to have feelings for 徐朝清. Ten years later, 徐朝清's husband passed away and left her with their 4 children. 劉國江 helped 徐朝清 for a few years and finally decided to express his love for her by proposing. To avoid gossip they moved up to the mountains. In the 50+ years of living in the mountains, 劉國江 built 6000 steps up the mountain for his wife's convenience. 劉國江 later became ill. On his death bed, he tightly held on to 徐朝清's hand. When he died, their children had to use a lot of strength to pull her hand from his grip. 徐朝清 and 劉國江's wish was to be buried next to the steps. 劉國江 was buried next to the steps and 徐朝清 listened to her husband and moved off the mountain to live with their children.

Source: 狂愛TVB, TruthPrevailed's YouTube Channel

What a beautiful love story! :') If you get a chance, watch the videos uploaded by TruthPrevailed (1, 2, 3). You get to see actual interviews with 徐朝清 and 劉國江. From the source, Maggie should be playing the role of 徐朝清, but will Moses be 劉國江? And if he is 劉國江, will they keep the 10 years age difference? It will be extremely strange if they keep the age difference unless they decide to make Maggie look really old. I really hope production shows us a love story from young to old. So overdone, but this is a TRUE STORY!! I want the ending to be at 劉國江's death bed when he's holding on real tight to 徐朝清's hand. I wanna be bawling like a baby hahaha :'D


  1. I look forward to seeing a different Mo in this new drama - acting all serious, looking dashing and suave. And hopefully wardrobe department will dress him well.

  2. I want him to dress the way he did in The Charm Beneath :D It's a Tim哥 production so a huge chance that he'll be serious. Still gonna pray on it though.

  3. Read this news before in the internet. Very touching story.

  4. wow that is such a touching story....i usually hate premodern dramas and honestly was not looking forward to this when i first heard about it but now i really want to see this!

    i wonder who's going to play the 4 kids...if aimee chan is one of the children im going to laugh like crazy 'cuz that means moses is her step-father lol...reminds me of perish in the name of love where moses was charmaine's father hahahah

  5. jenny: At first I saw the article and didn't wanna read it 'cause there were just too many words haha dizzy dizzy, but then I found the video on YouTube and decided to watch it. LOVED IT!!!!!

    jwjksng: Aw, I just realized a lot of people don't like premodern haha. I was wondering if they would keep the 4 children thing...'cause can you imagine Maggie with 4 grown kids?! xD
    Oh wow, didn't think of that possibility. Moses did say they would have quite a lot of interactions :|

    So looking forward to the story!!!! :D