Filming "4 In Love" [5]

7/4 at Press Conference (studio):

In one of the press conference scenes they filmed that day, International Star and MK仔 announce that they're going to get married.



I don't know about his acting anymore lol. Can we go way back to when it was kinda not flamboyant with his own bouncy personality? I feel like he puts so much of his own self in roles like 阿卡, 羅Sir, and now this role. Roles that are normal everyday guys. Words from a true fan and not a hater :/ Believe me, I will attack someone who's not a fan and said the same thing I did HAHAHA!!!!!!


  1. yeah Mare, i have to agree about his acting...i love him to death but i cant stand his recent acting

    YSSS was so hard to watch because i thought he over did it. his character was so flamboyant that it was annoying. i was hoping that that was just a 1 time thing and that in 4 in Love he will be back to his serious acting...now im disappointed

  2. I'm gonna blame the producers a bit and say, "Please stop making him be funny...Like please no small comedic anything in his roles please." Can he just take on roles with a freakin' hardcore bad a$$ serious personality?!! A detective, a lawyer, a judge, a doctor, a gangster, a firefighter...or in historic times--an emperor, a general, a gangster. He did it in Healing Hands, War and Beauty, The Battle Against Evil, Where the Legend Begins, Perish in the Name of Love, Riches and Stitches, Split Second, etc. Man, do it again!!!!! :[

  3. I also hate him in YSNS. Only That. Others still ok for me.

  4. Sir was probably the last straw for me.....Arh!!!!