Biotherm Advertisement

Moses and Icy Wong pair up for Biotherm's new ad.

Source: on.cc, mingpao

I love that jacket!! But it used to be more form fitting...I guess he got skinny. It's so hard to tell with all the baggy tees he's been wearing these days hahaha.


  1. Oh..love Mo in the pictures, especially the first picture. Mo's size is perfect now. Those baggy tees are not doing his superb physique justice. How I wish he can have roles that require him in dress shirts most of the time. Just like Gem of life.^^

  2. hey Mare, recently i have been reviewing Moda pics and scenes from YSSS.....lol im so sad, i might even watch HOG again hahah. i really need them to collaborate again (in a modern drama where they both love each other)!!

    sorry, random, i know ;)

  3. Angeline: 2nd pic with his hand in his pocket for me!! He needs to be in dress shirts and suits everyday!!! EVE-RY-DAY!!!!! lololol :P

    jwjksng: Oh my gah!! Please don't talk about Moda :'( :'( I lost all my older files recently. Moda GONE!

  4. oh i kno how it feels losing old files....i have 3 broken external drives that contains all my entertainment. i lost all of those...its always so frustrating and saddening