Saint Honore Cake Shop Commercial

Source: 聖安娜餅屋 Saint Honore Cake Shop

Birthday Cakes (30s)
冰皮 Mooncakes (30s)
Traditional Mooncakes (30s)

Behind the Scene:
Birthday Cakes
Playing the piano

Oh my Moses, Oh my Moses!!!!! I love these clips!!
It's been a long time since we've last seen him play the piano. I see he's been practicing...Kekeke. Good job!
He's seriously rockin' that suit. The dress shirt is A-MA-ZING!!! :DDD

Hungry for some chocolate cake now :9 yummm....

Not a big fan of mooncakes, but the 冰皮 ones look so good!!!!!


  1. Oh...What a great way to start my day. Moses looks delicious in the commercial. Mo+chocolate cake=YUMMY! And YES, love him in that dress shirt. Love his hair.Love his sheepish smile. Love his concentrated look while playing the piano. Love everything about MO. Gosh! I'm seriously infatuated with this guy.

  2. omg oh now i wish linda was there again to sing while he played...if i remember correctly, he is playing the same song!

  3. jwjksng: Man, now that you mention Linda, I want to see them together again!!!!! :'(