I've talked about it about 100 times....Well, mostly to myself. How do I go about this without making a fool outta myself?

When a pairing you've loved and supported for so many years comes to an end it hurts so bad. It hurts even more when you find out that they really were once together and it wasn't just a rumor. Sh*t becomes real and you start remembering the good times you had chatting, laughing, and spazzing with fellow fans.

2004, I wasn't a Mo fan yet...That was when they first met. That was when it all started...the filming of Love Bond and Healing Hands III was when they got to know each other and finally hit it off. 2005, the broadcast of Love Bond, at the time I only caught the first few episodes...A month later came The Gentle Crackdown, Moses captured my attention and I was totally engrossed. If you're a fangirl or fanboy you know exactly how the process goes. You start digging into your idol's past. I thought Moses and Niki were cute together, but gah when I learned of Moses and Bernice I fell in love. They were so perfect together. As crazy as it sounds, I pretty much spent 5.5 years all up in their love life. Every news article, every magazine interview, every televised entertainment news interview, every radio interview I've read, seen, and heard....Dang...

...Where did I want to go with this? I can go on and on helping Moses, but man that might give me a heart condition. All that anger ain't good for a person....

This entry is to remember what Moses and Bernice once had. First off..."HAHA!!" to those who didn't believe.
2004-2008!!!!!!!! And I'm still gonna believe it was on and off from 2008-2010.
From now on I don't think I can bring myself to re-watch anything that has anything to do with the two...Love Bond and Healing Hands...The Super Trio episode. Oh my gah, the chemistry in Love Bond. The way they touched each other. Moses always liked touching her thigh. And Bernice in that one scene when he was carrying her, she had her face all up in the back of his neck. Super Trio, I died when she immediately hid in his thighs. They were so cute together. During interviews, the sweet things they'd say...the flirtatious banters...the way they looked at each other or just the way one stared at the other...the way they giggled and laughed out loud......Remember in 2006 at the "Astro" awards when they sat next to each other whispering into each others' ears. They won awards and thanked each other. He won "Best Actor" and thanked her and said, "this is necessary." Remember the time in 2007 when he won TVB "Best Actor" and he kinda thanked her...how happy she looked in that one picture that captured her reaction.... Good times. Great times!
And let's not forget Mac & Bailey.... She always said Mac was given to her by a friend when she was sad and needed it most. M&B!!

Wish what happened didn't happen. Wish it didn't have to end the way it did. I rather have it end quietly and not know anything at all. Wish we could go back to '05-'07....Sh*t was so positive back then. I miss 'em. As much as I don't like whatever these days. I'll miss those crazy days "chasing" 'em. It was so much fun. The high they gave us.
...I was waiting for him to make a response, but whatever, I guess I have closure now after saying all this... So I can finally say: Goodbye MoB (2004-2010).


  1. Oops !! I heard that Mo and Ber have started dating since 2002. Maybe It was wrong!!
    It's so pity for them. I love them.. The best couple that I 've ever known. :((Oops !! I heard that Mo and Ber have started dating since 2002. Maybe It was wrong!!
    It's so pity for them. I love them.. The best couple that I 've ever known. :((

  2. I never really like Bernice even when they were dating because I hate the way she deny everything Moses said about them. I HATE her more now when she come out after their separation to admit they are dating and blame Moses for keeping it a secret.

  3. I totally agree with Jenny. She was always doing sneaky stuff behind Mo's back and she had been like a dog with a bone, always mentioning Mo's comment about what's past is in the past. It was just Mo's way of telling the press he doesn't want to comment on this topic anymore. As for their relationship which ended in 2008,I think from then till end 2010, Mo still let go of her completely.The poor guy really loved her a lot. Look at how he focused on her when she's beside him, you can see LOVE in his eyes. Remember how she ssid 'What's yours is yours' when the press asked her about Charmaine's rumored relationship with Mo.She was obviously staking her claim on Mo! I used to like her too cos Mo loved her so much. However, I won't want Mo to be hurt by her time and again.

  4. Mo did the right thing not to comment on her recent action. No point dragging it on.
    As Mo's fan, I just want him to be happy. ^^

  5. i agree that it was all so beautiful back then....and i wish it didnt end so ugly. but i guess it proves allthemore real that they were a real couple. since most couples don't end on a good note.

    but i def. only liked bernice because of moses, and now after all of this, i can finally officially not support her haha.

    on a side note, another sad break-up in the news, shirley yeung and gregory lee. and looks like things are about to get even more nasty as both are saying different things...sigh sad stuff

  6. @Rene: I'm not even sure if they met in '02 lololol Probably heard of each other, but don't know each other.

    @jenny: Looking back, I think she really started denying things after '08 (I wanna say)???? Forget it, I'm not gonna go through all them articles and videos :| MoB fans should've stopped once things started getting different (e.g. Bernice denying).

    @Angeline: I too looked at his comment that way. Nothing more than just "The rumor is in the past...Let's move the F on!" Well, of course without the cuss word HAHAHA that's all me :P I still think they had good feelings for each other from '08-'10. They probably loved each other, but was not in love with each other. After '08 when Bernice was caught by paps with 2 different dudes, Moses still stood by her and told paps to back off. Now if only he didn't do that. Then everything would've ended earlier and they can all move on. Gosh damn, 2 years of this back and forth junk. And it's not like their rumored relationship really helped the money making...I'm gonna say they only do maybe 2-3 functions together each year :/ And if they had a clean break up their image would be kept all clean and probably still get a decent number of jobs 'cause they still got the healthy image. And both would probably be labeled "suen poon". Now after this :shake my head: minus points.
    Mmm, I hope he's having a good day today and everyday :')

    @jwjksng: "since most couples don't end on a good note." Man, you have such a positive outlook on love. HAHAHA!!!! xD
    Oh gosh, Shirley and Gregory's case is on a whole 'notha level!!!!! :O

  7. Mo, with his high EQ, will be able to handle this latest round of action from Bernice. To be honest, (Haha, watching Gem of Life currently and quoting Terrence Ho =D)I think Bernice is just jealous that Mo has emerged almost squeaky clean from their breakup while she... Anyway another of Terrence's favourite phrase ^^),she is probably green with envy that Mo is making good $ so far. Look at all his TV commercials! And I love every single one of them!He is so adorable. ^^

  8. i agree that it was still on and off from '08-10, at least, imho, this was how bernice manipulated mo into believing they were still in a relationship. They "followed" and twitted each other on twitter before Dec last year, but soon after (just a couple of days) b was caught by paparazzi, mo unfollowed b.
    there was also a piece of "rumor" news from appledaily that they were indeed back together around the time of shiseido ad.

  9. @Angeline: You're really re-watching "Gem"????! Omg, so many eps to go through. Well I ain't surprised if she's angry about the job thing. Ain't angry that she is 'cause being able to make a living is, i bet, priority to everyone.

    @fishy: "manipulate" is such a harsh word. Actually a few hardcore fans (like seriously hardcore) realized that he unfollowed her between 12/1 and 12/2...half a month later everything fell apart. They probably broke up (like "THE END") for real somewhere around November...don't know why. And I'm gonna go back to my old theory that he was surprised that she'd be seen with another guy so soon so basically his first response to the news report was really just him being surprised.

  10. speaking of rewatching moses's drama...im rewatching MR...but only his and tavia's scenes....omg i want my MoTa!!! too bad YSNS/YSSS was soooo bad...and that i wanted him and linda together heehee

    my dream drama will be something with ruco, tavia and moses =)

  11. Yes dear Mare, I'm really re-watching Gem ^0^. Lost count of which episode I'm at...The part where Mo went to Tibet to look for Gigi. This man sure looks good with his shirt sleeves rolled up. Look at those arms of his...sigh.The shirts Mo wore in Gem really showed off his magnificent torso. =D

  12. @jwjksng: The thing about Moses and Tavia is their story gets boring for some reason. Tavia's characters are either very heavy (sad w/crying) or just very serious.......And there's not a lot of real in depth focus to make me go "OMG, I want them!!!!"

    @Angeline: Love him in suits!!!!!! He got the nice broad shoulders :DDDD