"4 In Love" Costume Fitting

Moses attends the costume fitting for 4 In Love.
The producer is Chik Kei Yi. 20 episodes. 4 love stories.
Moses plays a man who grew up on the streets of Mong Kok. In short, he is a MK仔. He works at an electrical appliance shop.
Charmaine plays an international superstar who always wants to retire, but her management company constantly gives her work, which leads to numerous rumored relationships. She wants to retire and find simple and true love. Moses is her fan and they will later develop a love relationship. Charmaine will be using Moses to create rumors/gossip.
Moses stated that this drama will discuss the reality in the entertainment industry and the relationship between men and women in today's society.

Source: HKHeadline, on.cc, singpao, singtao, Appledaily, wenweipo, mingpao

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I like that this drama is something very simple, yet interesting. Just my opinion...lol The idea of a superstar falling for a fan...wow, it's just that :thumbs up: And "D, AW!" I love Moses' look here hahaha. The cap is totally cute and a casual tee with baggy pants...nice nice :D
Moses, just please don't be goofy funny in this. Can you be gangsta ghetto funny haha like a whole lot of sarcasm? Be a bada$$ with a soft heart... You gotta be a little nice to win a girl over, right?

Gonna go read up on MK culture now HAHAHAHA!


  1. Lol, Charmaine's character thought Moses was a terminally ill fan about to die in hospital, so she visited him...

  2. Still waitin' on the E-News clip where she says it :(