"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!" - 『阿Sir教精你』

Moses attends Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!'s third promotion event, 『阿Sir教精你』.

Source: singpao, on.cc, mingpao, Sing Tao Daily, wenweipo, Oriental Daily, Metro Daily

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He must've been too busy to do laundry...them clothes!!!! lol
Man, I just love how he was laughing throughout Jin's rap. He's so super silly like that. Some parts weren't even funny...yet :P And his whistle when the rap ended. He's so cool! All these things he knows how to do....woooow OvO
Oh my Moses, SiuChing姐!!!!!! So totally nice and sweet. So so so good to Moses that I can cry a little :') :thumbs up:
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  1. wait what does SiuChing姐 have to do with it? i thought this was her husband's series?

  2. Supporting the show I think. She was really nice to take some pics of Moses for us Mo fans :D

  3. Love Mo's laughter. He was laughing so hard until he was bent over when he saw Linda's pose. Adorable and lovable Mo.
    Love his chemistry with Linda and both appear to be very comfortable with each other.

  4. I really really really love the chemistry + and "relationship" between Moses and Linda. Not lovers and probably not very very close friends, but she's still comfortable enough to touch and lean up against him. So sweet and cute!!!

  5. I think most female artistes feel comfortable with Mo cos they know that he is such a gentleman and will not take advantage of them. A gentleman who blushes easily....that's our Mo =D