PuYi Optical X Giorgio Armani - Frames of Life

Moses attends a function for PuYi X Giorgio Armani frames.

Source: wenweipo, Headline Daily, Oriental Daily, singpao, Metro Daily, on.cc, mingpao

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Weibo: ChingStep, Beautylink, 邱子傑Jeffery, CindyTVB

Moses doesn't look right with these frames. Hmmm...I don't know what it is.
Been following the news between Moses and Aimee and I find it so entertaining. Extremely surprised and a bit happy that Moses is so open about this relationship. He's actually telling us something!! 0.o Moses, are you finally finally finally ready to settle down?


  1. yay!!!!!!!! moses and fala....hehe. im still waiting for them to be a couple in a series together.

    mare, do you know if they are under the same manager?

  2. I think the one Moses pairing I'm really shipping these days is Moses and Linda. They can be paired up in 100000 shows and I'll be fine with it. HAHAHAHAHA xD

    Fala's manager is Cindy (Weibo above). Moses' manager is 嘉莉 (Garly).

  3. im surprised by how much im shipping moda lately too...i totally thought i would want moses to end up with tavia in YSNS...but now im sadden by the fact that he doesnt really like linda and actually likes tavia. i think i need one where its just moda and nobody else

  4. Mare : I guess these frames are too prim and proper type while his look is more the rough n rugged kind. Actually the squarish one is fine but the round frame does look a little 'Puyi'. hehe

  5. jwjksng: Keke I actually wanted Moses to be with Linda. Once there's a chance of Moses + Linda I want them together in the end. HAHAHAHA! I totally agree you on that one :D

    monut: I think it has to do with the frames being so thin :/