My laptop died lol The good thing is I was able to get all my files. Currently using my old desktop. It's still very awesome :P I couldn't let a dead laptop get in my way of watching Sir. Especially when there's this crazy love triangle happening. I was thinking about doing a post dedicated to 華 + Carman with all these GIFs, but then after watching episode 22 I had a lot more to say.

If I had to choose between Moses + Linda and Moses + Tavia or should I say 得得地 + 常在心 and 阿卡 + 阿月 I would hands down choose 得得地 + 常在心 because...Mmm, feelings are very hard to put into words. Maybe it's 'cause I feel 得得地 + 常在心 had so many more ups and downs and Moses was just way sweeter as 得得地. Like, he just gave his all to 常在心...he would probably give her one of his kidneys or something HAHA. Whereas, we didn't really see much of that in 阿卡. I know, they're two very different characters and one should not compare, but for reals, even if though 得得地 is not as 型 as 阿卡 and is kinda 低低地, I still choose him. And I guess this bias really carried over to Sir. I want 華 + Carman!!!!!! Lol. If you think about 得得地 + 常在心 and 華 + Carman, they kinda had a role shift. Like how 得得地 loved 常在心 so much more and now Carman loves 華 so much more. I don't mean to be mean, but is this payback? You sneaky writers lol. But for some reason 華 really comes off as an a$$ here. Maybe it's 'cause dudes shouldn't hurt girls like this smh. And maybe 'cause Carman is just sooooooo freakin' sweet and cute. As a girl, I want to hug her and link arms hahaha. She can be my BFFF xD What really makes me ROFLMAO is how netizens are so into this. A lot a lot of negativity towards Moses. Like huge! Is it a good or bad thing? Like thanks for the attention, but please no threats hahaha. Honestly, I'm also very into this and I too would like to beat up Moses, I mean 華 lol. He's so messed up, but I get where he's coming from. Initially, he didn't want to date Carman 'cause he really loved 雪 and he just felt all wrong about it, but 潘Sir persuaded him to carry on and now it's just gone totally out of control 'cause now he's so close to completing his mission. Sorry for the run on sentence. Grammar is not my forte as you've probably noticed a long time ago heee :P Anyhoo, so can we really blame him? How about we hate him, but not really blame him for it xD

...I also have this other issue. Do people want 華 and Carman together 'cause of their chemistry or 'cause of their role in the show. For me it's both. Moses and Linda just work so well together. Crazy sparks flying around and all that yummy good stuff :D But I think a big part of it is because of their role. Moses who plays the goofy and righteous teacher/undercover who gets close to the Linda who plays the cool and stoic bowling trainer who happens to be the sister-in-law of the leader of an up-and-coming triad group. There's something very appealing about this. When sh!t happens, it's just way more exciting to watch. People might hate how the show is progressing, but I'm sorry, the fact is that's exactly why you guys like it. If Carman didn't start off as a cool and stoic person who then becomes all mushy, sweet, and just head over heels in love with 華, and then heartbroken, honestly, the show won't work. Netizens definitely won't care. First, props to the writers for this. Second, props to Linda for making Carman such an awesome and lovable character. I'm happy how the characters were written and overall, how the show is progressing. Love that I hate you, 華, 'cause all that you've done made me so into the show. You might be a giant a$$, but I still like you hahaha!!!

Last but not least, do I want 華 + Carman or 華 + 雪 in the end? Tough...I have a feeling it will be 華 + 雪 'cause they're in love with each other. And Kenneth Ma is supposed to appear to be with Carman?????? So I would hate to come up with ideas just to be all sad that what I want won't happen haha. Why can't Moses + Linda ever be in love from the very beginning to the end of any show?!!! KaHo哥 still owes us!!!! ;:P

GIF time!!!!! Save it. Share it. Do whatever you want with it. Kiss it..? lololol
Ep15: http://twitpic.com/4x6gdt
Ep17: http://twitpic.com/4x6jzv
Ep19: http://twitpic.com/4x6fny


  1. I love this post of yours~! ^^

    I do realised that no matter how many series MODA appeared together,they will either do not have any relationship or they will only end up together at the last few minutes(HOG). I too,do want to see them being in love from the start & still ending up together :)

  2. Thank you! :D
    It's been a long time since I've written something this long. Seriously, love me some Moses + Linda!!
    :SIGH: We need some long lasting relationship for the two. Hope that'll happen soon.