Next Magazine TV Awards 2011

At this year's Next Magazine TV Awards, Moses is #4 for "Top 10 TV Entertainers" and wins the "Svenson Healthy Hair Entertainer Award". Can't Buy Me Love is #1 for "Top 10 TV Shows".

Source: Headline Daily, Oriental Daily, mingpao, wenweipo, Metro Daily, Appledaily

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I like that this year's theme is class, but Moses's photos didn't come out as good as it can be. The photoshop really ruins it for me. I really like the polaroid for behind the scenes. He looks way cooler in that picture.
I love hearing fellow actors and actresses talk about him + his coffee shop :') Aw, they're so nice. His big smile melts my heart...we really see how happy he is.

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  1. lol i like how fala said ladies from both hk and malaysia will benefit from Moses's coffee shop...why wont guys benefit from it lol?

    i wonder if he really will invite his friends over to cut the red ribbon cuz i thought he wanted to keep it low-profile