Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Derby Selections Announcement

Moses was one of the MC's at Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Derby Selections Announcement.

Source: Headline Daily, The Sun, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily, wenweipo, Appledaily, Metro HK, on.cc

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The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Regarding today's news, there's really nothing to talk about.
...........Yesterday when checking out all the Weibo updates on his photoshoot, I saw a message left by 嘉菲與沙沙 telling a fan going to the Guangzhou All About Men concert that Moses is gonna do something very 吸引 during the concert. Oh my Moses, I wonder what it is. Shirtless moment?! 辣身 (Sexy, Hot) dance?! I would much prefer the first one HAHAHA! That is if he's been working out. Moses =/= Dancing...Moses and dancing just don't mix :P So excited! Wish I could be there hehe.


  1. Mare: Mayb magic tricks? He could put those months of training to good use. Dun think it'll b dancing since he commented '跳不动' during the Guangzhou function.

  2. Oh yea, magic tricks hahaha totally didn't think of that. That would be interesting, but I wonder if he's really good enough keke :D