Call me obsessive, but what has Moses been up to lately? I need to know! Hahaha. When he's on vacation this lonesome feeling just rushes upon me. Oh man, I sound pathetic...Anyhoo, we should have a lot to look forward to. Currently, patiently waiting for an official air date for any of the 3 dramas he's filmed. Personally, I would like Yes Sir, No Sir to air during the summer, When Heaven Burns as an anniversary drama, and 《心戰》 to air some time next year. No particular reason why those dates were chosen...it just feels right to me. I know nothing about good ratings season lol. Then there's Coffee Confidential 2. When he last spoke of it he said they should start filming in April. I wonder how long it'll take them to film. Does anyone know how long he was away for Coffee Confidential 1?????? I hate that I didn't keep track last time :{ Kinda wanna kick myself now. Will it take a month 'cause tabloids are saying he's gonna be filming a costume drama with JJ Jia in May? :shrug: So about the new drama in May...it's with Myolie? With Bobby??!!!!! asdlkasjldaujenddaw I have no words if it's with Bobby. It's been way too long. AND AND AND the time period might be the Qing Dynasty?!! Please make Moses shave his head! I beg with tears in my eyes :') I love bald Moses. It's like second best after spiked and fluffy haired Moses from 2002-2004! Seriously, why won't he do his hair like that anymore...I think we should save this topic for another day keke. But yea, I wonder what the drama will be about...a comedy? I don't know how I feel about costume drama comedies anymore. So over it :P Okay I got it. If it's a comedy, how about have Moses be the not funny one lol like Ko Fei in Better Halves. Actually, he was a bit funny in there so I guess I'm trying to say funny but not too funny like the way Ko Fei was rofl do I make any sense? Alright, all this mumble jumble and I don't think I'm getting any where. Hmmm, you can say it's one of those posts to keep us updated on Moses for those who are in need of some Moses news :D

What are your thoughts on the May drama?


  1. You really have weird taste. I would prefer Mo to keep his hair.

    I was hoping Mo will film the one with Bobby. JJ? Who is that? I need some dose of Mo's news once in a while. Ur update really comes at the right time. I am missing him already.

  2. He took 28 days, visited 5 countries and close to 15 cities for Coffee Confidential I. It's mentioned in the last bit of episode 9 of CC 1.

  3. ahh i really want to see yes sir no sir! it seems more light hearted which is what i need...when heaven burns and the other one seems way too dark and sad and evil like.

    plus his triangle relationship with linda and tavia is a plus! after heart of greed i had always wanted a drama where linda liked moses more than he liked her.. i want payback!! hehe im so mean

  4. Jenny: Hehe you know I do! Did I tell you I also love his long hair KAKAKA!!
    JJ is the girl who always does that ping pong thing in "Super Trio" lolololol

    Monut: Oh man I fail big time :runs away quick: Thank you!!!! :D

    jwjksng: That's why "Yes Sir, No Sir" feels like summer!! I wanna see the male students hehe :P OMM, I want Mo + Linda so bad!!!! SO SO BAD!!!!!

  5. Bald Moses? I might like that. It would be a nice change.

    I'm looking forward to 《心戰》most because I'm sooooo in love with his image in there. Hee. "Yes Sir, No Sir" too, the cast is appealing. I think my anticipation for When Heaven Burns died somehow after waiting so long. Feels like TVB has no intention to broadcast it. They keep changing the broadcast dates! :/

    A costume drama with Bobby is awesome! But I don't know about the female leads. Myolie/JJ? Ha. And no more comedy! TVB's comedies are getting lame. :/ I wouldn't mind a light-hearted, family-oriented drama (just for a change), or a sexy, manly Mo character since he's done quite a few 'unique' characters already. :)

  6. I think Moses is in Malaysia right now (probably looking for his coffee shop's location). Just saw a Malaysian fan posted a pic in weibo saying that her friend, who was attached at a hotel in which Moses stays in, and she gets to attend to Mo.

    Looking forward to all 3 series mentioned.

    Btw, I will prefer to see Moses with hair in a modern series than bald. :P

  7. mab: YES YES!!!! Finally someone who agrees :'D Gah, the mustache + beard look--I will love it forever. Oh man about "Heaven" I kinda feel the same way, but still very much looking forward to him playing the guitar. Last time when people were saying it would broadcast in March it seemed like a rumor so I won't think too much about it. I don't mind waiting longer since we've already waited a year??
    We really only know about JJ...It just so happens that the tabloid article was about her and they mentioned Moses. I would like to take this moment to thank JJ keke :P Moses + comedy just isn't working anymore for me. I would like him to be some manly guy who knows kungfu and stuff...bodyguard!!!! :D

    kooltotoro (Dionne): I updated itsahmo's Twitter with Jane's Weibo update yesterday :) He looked amazing in the picture.
    ...But he's done 2 modern series already...and I just realized his hairstyle didn't really change HAHAHA...I need to see me some fresh new Moses! :9

  8. Mare: I guessed he's afraid of causing hairfall if he changes or styles his hair too much~lol. I like his hairstyle in Family Man. Moses + comedy is not working for me either, a bit of jokes here and there is okay, but something that is too lame like Can't Buy Me Love is too much for me. :p I too prefer him in more manly roles, like Johnlung. A pity Moses is not in that new series 飛虎, I so want to see him as a 飛虎隊, killing off bad guys.

  9. I haven't seen Mo in any major police serie. TUCF wasn't really a police serie. More on love and revenge. I would want to see him in serie like O- gei and 飛虎.

  10. kooltotoro (Dionne): True true, I hate that he has that problem, but you can say no ones perfect :/ Oh yea definitely liked his hairstyle in "Family Man" and "Take My Word For It" :D At the moment comedy for Moses = exaggeration. It was fun the first few times around, but I'm getting so tired of it. Oooo, I would like him be part of the SWAT team...and maybe a firefighter once, but I can't really imagine any TVB series having a firefighter unless it's a "Burning Flame" sequel lol -_-||||

    Jenny: I get what you mean. I too want him to be in a series that's straight "business" and no love story...if that's ever possible in TVB land :P

  11. Hmmmm, I'm just wondering if he can shave his head when he has a contract with Svenson. Ha.

    Word is spreading that When Heaven Burns is now planned as an anniversary drama. And yes, I don't mind waiting too as long as they broadcast it! :P Yes, I saw the tabloid article. The one with Bobby/Myolie was a rumour? People were talking about it on Weibo.

    Totally agree with all of you! They can film any genre but no more comedy please.
    Bodyguard or from the Navy! *Drools* What do you think of Moses as a paramedic? I'm thinking him in uniform and rescuing lives. Hee.

  12. I also WANT to see Mo in UNIFORM. We saw him once in HH2 & 3 and he looks tripple good in uniform. I want to see him playing pilot like Francis ans Joe Ma. That's will be super handsome!!!!!

  13. i thought tvb wanted 心戰 to be an anniversary series but i guess when heaven burns is more star studded. it'll be cool if both where but i doubt tvb will make 2 modern series anniversary series, let alone moses starring in both of them

  14. mab: OMM HAHAHAHA but with the baldness you can see how healthy or not healthy his hair is. Is that a good thing for Svenson?? :P Ehhh, well Myolie says she's filming a costume drama with "instruments and poetry" but she didn't mention Moses so it's hard to say they're in the same one, but it sounds about right. And it was only this one person on Weibo that said Bobby is filming a Qing Dynasty drama in May. I guess everything is considered a rumor till it's official keke.

    Navy? I don't think TVB will ever film a show about the Navy :/ Maybe a soldier. Paramedic???? Nah, I'm more for Dr. M.C. Lam HAHAHAHA!!!!!

    Jenny: HH4!!! I wanna see Joe all grown up :D Oh yes yes pilot! Was hoping he could take part in "Triumph in the Skies" when there were rumors that they were going to film a sequel.

    jwjksng: I don't know if TVB would air it so early. Either one I would love too see it.

  15. With advance technology, you don't have to shave to know how healthy your hair is! Ha. Svenson would know! :P

    Yes, makes sense. Besides May is some time later, the cast might change.

    Why not Navy? I would love HH4 but honestly, I don't think it's happening. And since we've seen him as a doctor, a paramedic is the closest I could come up with. Ha.

    Yes! Pilot came to my mind too (I love Triumph in the Skies)! Do you think TVB will film an entirely new series on it?

  16. HAHAHAHA! Is that their slogan? :P But for reals if he shaves they should pay him more 'cause then we'll really get to see how healthy his hair is now.

    :Nod nod: Not really thinking about it. I'm more excited about CC2 :D

    I just don't think TVB can do anything about the Navy :/ Doubt HH4 is going to happen, but oh wells he can always play another doctor. How about a male nurse KAKAKAKA!!!!!!

    Didn't like "Triumph" 'cause like usual I don't watch dramas with people I'm not interested in :P I'm so picky. Don't know and I really don't know much about what's happening with TVB...the only thing that comes to mind is if they do it'll be extremely expensive lol