"Can't Buy Me Love" Celebration

Moses attends a Can't Buy Me Love celebration dinner held by 梁乃鵬 Norman Leung.

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I love it when he smiles showing all his teeth...I love it when he tries to be sexy. He's such a silly goofball HAHA :love love:

Me! Beauty Awards 2010

Moses attends Me! Beauty Awards 2010 to present an award.

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Looking extremely tired and handsome. The thought of him shaving makes me sad hahaha his beard & mustache just looks so good on him! Is it just me or does it look like he gained some weight hehe it's otay I guess :P


Filming 《心戰》 [10]

11/23 at Olympian City:

蓮容詩: 1, 2, 3

Moses TVB Blog - 表裏不一

His red leather jacket looks fun :D Still lookin' good Mo! hehehe


TVB 43rd Anniversary Extravaganza Show

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Extravaganza Show

Moses with his silly rapping. He's probably the only one who lightened up the mood during the rap battle haha Instead of attacking the other team, he praised himself--what a sweetheart! :D
During the crossover skit, I loved when he said, "He is a good boy." Totally cute, totally him hehehe
When he walked into the last skit I really loved how he looked so shy. I couldn't help but lmao when I watched them torturing him with the "black" tape, but you have to know I felt really bad as well :P The scared/worried look on his face was to die for, extremely adorable! And then there after was the look of pain, which was a bit saddening to watch. Makes us fangirls wanna go right into the video and give him a hug--hug his face HAHAHA!
I gotta say Moses is like a big dog that's really sweet and obedient...one that you just wanna hug real tight and he'll just have that blank expression on his face. Can you imagine??? xD


Filming 《心戰》 [9]

TVB Studio:


Thank you, Nina for sharing this awesome video! :D
Moses and Maggie are so sweet together. I just love seeing the two together 'cause they have such amazing chemistry. I think it's because Maggie is also a very easy going kinda person. I totally LOL-ed when I watched it especially when Mo kept implying that his Mandarin is good hahaha! I went, "Awww!" when Maggie leaned very close to him at a point...It was kinda romantic in a way keke :') The end just killed me--stomach pain xD


MingPao Weekly 42nd Anniversary Artiste Awards 2010

Moses attends Ming Pao Weekly 42nd Anniversary Artiste Awards 2010 ceremony.
He won 最突出電視男藝員獎 (Most Outstanding TV Actor).

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Scoop & E-News

Thank you Mo lovers for supporting him!

《心戰》 Blessing Ceremony

In one scene, Moses has to do a trick where he has to free himself from locks underwater. He & Maggie live together and will be in a relationship. They will have a few "bed scenes" where in some of these scenes they will be chatting in bed. When Maggie is unhappy, Moses will cheer her up with some of his magic tricks.

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I've said he looks good about 10 million times already hahaha! He must keep this look till after the award ceremony :P


Jordan Chan & Cherrie Ying's Wedding Banquet

Moses attends Jordan Chan & Cherrie Ying's wedding Banquet.
Moses and Jordan met when filming 《晚九朝五》.

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Moses is so silly ^o^ Some news article said Bernice also attended the wedding banquet. Where are the pictures?!! :rubbing hands together: kekeke Here it is--She's gorgeous.
I love his coat! I just wanna touch it.

Filming 《心戰》 [8]

11/13 at Wellington Street, Central:

In this scene, Moses drives a delivery van.
Helen Ma later joined the filming, but when filming didn't start she and Mo chatted and laughed. At one point, Helen pretended to punch Mo in the head causing him to burst into laughter.

Source: on.cc, Oriental Daily


Moses, you sweet and sexy man. Why are you such a good dude??? hahaha

Baccarat (November 2010)

Moses is on the cover of the November 2010 issue of Baccarat.

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Scans by Mab
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:squeal: I'm so serious when I say, "Please don't shave ever! Pretty please with a cherry on top!"
After reading the interview I'm happy to know that his coffee dream is going to come true soon, but for the fans it might mean we won't be able to see him on TV and public events??? My heart dropped when I made the connection. He'll probably leave the entertainment world and return to Australia with his beautiful family :'(
...We must cherish every "Mo"ment we have with him now. His amazing personality and heart.

Not sure if the English title for 《心戰》 is official, but I kinda like it :D It's not corny or anything too extreme. Let's just say it just makes sense haha