Quaker Oatmeal

Moses attends Quaker Oatmeal's Healthy Heart event.
He tells reporters that for 《心戰》 he has to learn to do large scale magic tricks. The producer request that he completes the trick in one take (with no NGs).

Source: Sing Tao Daily, Appledaily, mingpao, Oriental Daily, The Sun, wenweipo, Metro Daily

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He has red eyes...NOOO!!! :(
Mo with grannies gives me a warm fuzzy feeling hehe I love grannies!!!
His fingernails are so pretty :love love: maybe because they have to zoom in on his hands when he does some cool magic tricks?!


Filming 《心戰》 [4]

10/22 Night at Lyndhurst Terrace, Central:

In this scene, Moses who's a magician and a serial killer, transports a decapitated head that has been wrapped with a black garbage bag.

Source: Appledaily

10/23 Night at Tsim Sha Tsui:


Oh, the beard & mustache is back hehe I do love it so. Man, he looks hella sexy holding that head bwahahaha! I kinda want a picture with Mo looking that cold and emotionless.
The black car looks very cool.
I seriously look forward to seeing Mo in a modern series...too much ancient Mo lately hehe


Filming 《心戰》 [3]

10/20 at Central:

In this scene, Rachel is leaning against her mini cooper, smoking her cigarette, and looking around when Moses drives by and she catches his eye. He then stops his car, rolls down the window and asks her, "小姐,你冇事吖嘛! (Miss, are you okay?)"

Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun

Aw babe, what happened to your beard & mustache? :( I really liked it hahaha
Rachel looks so smokin' hot! I like her a lot so I don't mind seeing her paired with Moses hehe
He looks very tired in that first pic. I hope he's getting enough rest :)


TVB 43rd Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

Source: on.cc, Oriental Daily, The Sun, Headline Daily, Metro Daily, mingpao, wenweipo, Appledaily, takungpao, HK Daily News

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Lighting Ceremony

Thank you for dressing so simple! :D

Testatin & V.E. DELURE

Moses tells reporters that he does not have a Weibo account. He only has a Twitter account where he shares his latte art.

Source: Hong Kong China News Agency, Headline Daily, mingpao, The Sun, Oriental Daily, wenweipo

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Yes, the beard & mustache is growing very nicely! Gah, he looks good hehe


Shopping at J. Lindeberg

Source: Sing Tao Daily

They say he's buying his wardrobe for the award ceremony, but isn't that a bit too early hahaha whatever it is I just hope he looks mighty fine in it :D *whisper* Please do something to your hair *whisper*


Armani Exchange Fall/Winter

Moses & Bernice attend Armani Exchange's Fall/Winter opening event.
They were asked if they would publicize their relationship like Charlene Choi (阿Sa) and William Chan did. Moses made a gag and said, "Public event?" Moses added, "Looking at 阿Sa's situation, everyone handles it differently. I'm more of a low profile person. I think when it comes to rumors and love relationships I try not to talk about it too much...It's not that I won't talk about [marriage], but I just won't say too much about it." Bernice asked him, "Would you get married?" and he replied, "[I] will, of course I will!" He added, "When it's time to get married I'll get married...Maybe I'll get married tomorrow." Bernice interrupted, "I'll buy you some coffee so you guys (Mo & reporters) can take your time and talk!"
Regarding marriage Moses said, "I think it's not popular anymore to plan weddings...Impromptu is popular now."

Moses was told that Michael Miu thinks that he has a chance of winning "Best Actor" this year. Moses smiled happily and said he now has one more vote and hopes that people will vote for him. Reporters asked him if he's confident that he'll win and he replied, "No, it's just that there's now one more person who has confidence in me." Reporters also asked if he's attending all these functions/events lately to boost his popularity for the award and he replied, "There's no need to do anything special, it's just that in the past I was too busy filming, [I] want to use the free time I have now before starting a new drama, to do more 'shows' and to develop in different areas."

Source: Headline Daily, Sing Tao Daily, on.cc, HKHeadline, Appledaily, Metro Daily, mingpao, singpao

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Self-cam by pochaccochu: 1, 2

asdfghjklhagfj lol there are no words to really describe how I feel about these two at this particular time and event. I seriously wish someone would make these Mo & B dolls that talk & flirt like the way they do HAHAHA who won't buy one?! They're too funny, cute, and silly. Please get married and make 100 babies so the whole world can enjoy your awesomeness xD

I just want to mention how chubby he looks in that coat osh, but he still looks very good & matching with Bernice hehe there's just a lot more tolerance when she's also in the picture.

Videos are always good stuff. I love seeing how they both like looking at each other when the other isn't looking. Gah, L-O-V-E. LOL at Bernice's expression when she was trying to figure out what he was saying in that last bit of the Sohu clip.

Sorry to have written so much today, but I just have to add this:
Mo & Aarif OMG ^_^