TVB 43rd Anniversary Awards Presentation

Moses wins 最佳專業表現大獎 (Most Professional Performance Award)
Can't Buy Me Love wins 最佳劇集 (Best Series)

Source: Headline Daily, on.cc, Appledaily, Sing Tao Daily, The Sun, Oriental Daily

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MC Hall - MC Channel

Call me dramatic, but I got a little teary hahaha :P :deep sigh: It's alright there's always next year... Congratulations Momo on your win! Your fans love you and will support you till the end :'D


  1. *nods* there's always next year.... :D

  2. Mo look quite disappointed when they present him the professional award. This is a real 'pork' award.

  3. Hope Mo series will earn him more awards next year!

  4. Xinyu: :D

    Jenny: He didn't look too disappointed on stage, but that we can definitely see his true feelings in that video at his TVB Blog...he kinda looked like he wanted to cry maybe 'cause he's touched that he won or maybe 'cause he knows he's gonna lose the other award :(

    sehseh: Team Heaven next year buddy! HAHAHA they better air it next year argh :throws up fist: xD

  5. hey mare is moses going to pair up with charmaine in heaven and earth? i thought it was with maggie?

    sigh however, i think that heaven and earth won't do well. most of producer chik's grand production have not been doing well in recent years. hopefully im wrong tho.

    i do want to see another charmaine and mo pairing tho...or even with sheren cuz i thought they were pretty good in war and beauty

  6. I also think it's Maggie, but Mo + Charmaine also have some old love story thingy haha Team Heaven 'cause it's good to support the series as well.

    That's true...:sigh: I don't know anymore.

    With Charmaine I can still see it happening, but Sheren ehhh don't know what's she up to besides filming at Mainland China :/

  7. Mare, Heaven already finished post production... saw on weibo that a production staff is reviewing the series aka watching the entire series! Keep your fingers crossed!

    One thing though, she mentioned that it's not going to be the conventional series (aka types that see lai loves)

  8. Fingers crossed for reals haha! It's alright I can care less what other viewers think anymore 'cause 95% of the time I don't agree. I just wanna see me some Mo with 6 packs and tattoos...and strumming that guitar! xD