TVB 43rd Anniversary Extravaganza Show

Source: Sing Tao Daily, mingpao, Oriental Daily, The Sun, wenweipo

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Extravaganza Show

Moses with his silly rapping. He's probably the only one who lightened up the mood during the rap battle haha Instead of attacking the other team, he praised himself--what a sweetheart! :D
During the crossover skit, I loved when he said, "He is a good boy." Totally cute, totally him hehehe
When he walked into the last skit I really loved how he looked so shy. I couldn't help but lmao when I watched them torturing him with the "black" tape, but you have to know I felt really bad as well :P The scared/worried look on his face was to die for, extremely adorable! And then there after was the look of pain, which was a bit saddening to watch. Makes us fangirls wanna go right into the video and give him a hug--hug his face HAHAHA!
I gotta say Moses is like a big dog that's really sweet and obedient...one that you just wanna hug real tight and he'll just have that blank expression on his face. Can you imagine??? xD


  1. If I were to choose who win the rap battle, I will choose Mo team. They are definately the better rapper.

  2. This year Annivesary is better than last year. I only find the performance by the veterans (Har Yu) a bit boring.

  3. Hehe I skipped everything that didn't have Mo xD

  4. lol i love the scoop clip...moses is so cute and funny...."Right?"..."Yeah!"

  5. Just watched the ent news and Mo said Eric almost pull out all his facial hair with those plaster and he says it was painful. Poor Mo...

  6. jwjksng: I love how they capture so many footage of Mo being cute! The thing you mentioned is totally cute and then there's that one of him doing some weird move with the pom pom towards Kara kekeke absolutely love this dude!!! ^_^

    Jenny: Awww!!! Poor thing, but is he just kidding? He does that a lot haha :P