TVB 43rd Anniversary Award Ceremony Press Conference

Moses is nominated for "Best Actor" and "Favorite Male TV Character" for his role in Can't Buy Me Love.

Source: on.cc

Aw, Moses looking tired and cute...swollen? He needs a good hug hehe. Look at the sincerity with both his hands holding Steven's. He's a good dude :') I'm surprised he actually made it to this event with his filming going on and all (nevermind he wasn't there >_<).
Honestly, I don't think he has a chance of winning "Best Actor" this year...maybe "Favorite Male TV Character?" All we can to do is vote!


  1. However I think he has achance to win Best Actor. I don't really like Wayne in NR. Do ourbest...VOTE!!!!!

  2. It looks like everyone has an equal chance this year 'cause no one is really so outstanding or screams in your face "SURE WIN!" hahaha I just hope after winning the second time he'll get married :P

  3. omg i hope that he'll get married too...i think its been getting more obvious that he and bernice go out...it now seems like shes open to admitting it but moses not that much.....i wish they would just come right out and admit it already

  4. :Nod: totally agree kekeke :D I think they both don't mind, but maybe they don't want to say the exact words :/

  5. Mare, all the more cause there's no "definite" winner that's why it's more fun this year. Ha. For some reasons, I want so badly for Mo to win. You know. ;)

    And to add on to jwjksng's, maybe all this time the paps were wrong about B putting career above love. :P

  6. Actually a little bit nerve wracking 'cause we don't know. Argh so suspenseful! HAHAHA. I too want him to win...all the time xD But this year even more so 'cause I feel something might happen if he does ;)

    That would be so awesome if it were true! ^_^

  7. And now there's rumour that Wayne's chances are increased because Stephen's back to working in TVB. :/
    Awwwww Mare, you speak my mind. ;)