"Beyond the Realm of Conscience" at Sabah

Moses, Susanna, Selena, and Edwin went to Sabah to promote Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

Source: Overseas Chinese Daily News

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itangen at e-sabah

Oh boy oh boy, this might be my most favorite look of his. I wish he never shaves his facial hair, but of course that's impossible haha :( ...and the thing is I kinda don't care about his hairstyle anymore :P
Back to Beyond, I really hope he doesn't film an ancient drama anytime soon unless it's something like War & Beauty. No chubby Tang Dynasty look right now keke and the crazy eye make-up rofl


  1. Mo is indeed looking his best now. His figure is perfect and his facial hair makes him look sooooo sexy.I love his posture. The way he stands and walks shows that he is such a gentleman. And look at those long legs of his....haha... I can go on and on about beloved Mo.

  2. I totally agree! Love his long legs hehe especially when he crosses his legs :D

  3. http://www.yappy.tv/showbiz.asp?id=230