Baccarat (November 2010)

Moses is on the cover of the November 2010 issue of Baccarat.

Source: baccarathk.com

Scans by Mab
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:squeal: I'm so serious when I say, "Please don't shave ever! Pretty please with a cherry on top!"
After reading the interview I'm happy to know that his coffee dream is going to come true soon, but for the fans it might mean we won't be able to see him on TV and public events??? My heart dropped when I made the connection. He'll probably leave the entertainment world and return to Australia with his beautiful family :'(
...We must cherish every "Mo"ment we have with him now. His amazing personality and heart.

Not sure if the English title for 《心戰》 is official, but I kinda like it :D It's not corny or anything too extreme. Let's just say it just makes sense haha


  1. holy smokes! look at this guy.. i'm speechless lol he looks soooo amazing. man, i can't imagine what it would be like if he left us for awhile..

  2. Again, good job with the logos! :)

  3. kaing: It makes my heart sad thinking about it. Must not think about it... xD

    mabbie: Thank you again!!! <3