TVB 43rd Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

Source: on.cc, Oriental Daily, The Sun, Headline Daily, Metro Daily, mingpao, wenweipo, Appledaily, takungpao, HK Daily News

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Do姐's Weibo

Lighting Ceremony

Thank you for dressing so simple! :D


  1. 太阳报tried to create story again. The reporter wrote Wayne and Sheren stand in the middle while Mo & Ah Sheh at a not very favourable front, but from the pic it is very obvious that Wayne & Mo's place are right in the middle after the 3 big shots.

  2. Bleh! They're kinda slow aren't they hahaha I guess they can't count >_<

  3. sorry this doesnt rlly have to do with this post...

    Mare did you see bernice's weibo? she posted homemade brownies and 小欣姐 asked who made the coffee and bernice replied with someone tall. haha!! i can only wonder who she is talking about

  4. OMG jwjksng I haven't spoken to you in like forever >o<
    mab tweeted it before and I was totally in love with it. 小欣姐 is totally awesome for being such a MoB fan keke :P
    Still not sure if Bernice is talking about Mo and if she wanted it to come out as a pun 'cause then that would be so askdasdj awesome!!! HAHAHA 高人 meaning expert and also meaning tall person...both totally Moses ♥v♥

  5. yes it has been forever!! i was pleasantly surprised when i visited this blog again randomly and found that it was reopened!! yay so happy...stalking moses was just not the same w/o this blog lol.

    that weibo post totally made my day =D

  6. Awww!!! I'm so happy to know that you still drop by even when not knowing that I'm back hehe :') Ultimate Mo stalking is my hobby >_< xD

    Man, I wish I saw it earlier ^o^ and I'm so happy to see that she's still updating 'bout it YAY!!!

  7. Hi, I have been a faithful follower of this blog since I became a Mo fan last year after watching Gem of Life. Mo was gorgeous in the show ( of course he still is now). I felt very lost when you stop your posting. Welcome back!

  8. Thank you, Angeline for coming back to visit after all this time! Do drop by more often hehe it's great to read comments from Mo fans ^_^