Quaker Oatmeal

Moses attends Quaker Oatmeal's Healthy Heart event.
He tells reporters that for 《心戰》 he has to learn to do large scale magic tricks. The producer request that he completes the trick in one take (with no NGs).

Source: Sing Tao Daily, Appledaily, mingpao, Oriental Daily, The Sun, wenweipo, Metro Daily

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Weibo: 李漫芬 [1, 2], 曉剛HiuKong


He has red eyes...NOOO!!! :(
Mo with grannies gives me a warm fuzzy feeling hehe I love grannies!!!
His fingernails are so pretty :love love: maybe because they have to zoom in on his hands when he does some cool magic tricks?!


  1. It has been over a year and a half since is last Quaker event. That's when he had gained 20 lbs. It seemed like it was a long time ago. :)

    Anyway, I thought it was the director who wanted Moses to complete the magic tricks without any NGs?

  2. He still looks a bit heavy now haha the only major difference is the cool beard & mustache ♥v♥

    wenweipo says it's the producer, but I'm pretty sure when it comes to Chik's productions Chik plays both roles xD

  3. TVBE clip (credits to Siu Oi): http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/rt9Iv9pAVno/

  4. Thank you mabbie for sharing the link here ^_^ it was totally awesome waking up to that clip hehe and I replied to your other comment yesterday, but didn't tweet you yet hehe
    Do you find it crazy how everyone assumes MoB are a real couple?! Sometimes I still feel it's kinda weird hahaha weird and amazing :P
    I love his reply to the last question. It definitely sounds like there's something there. Like if someone doesn't have such a relationship with the other person it'll be normal to reply like this: "It's not my role to do this." or something of that sort xD But I guess friends would also reply the way he did :/

  5. I love the way he laughed at his magic trick. He's simply so funny.
    The extra weight suits him. Feel like hugging him...

  6. The sound he made was too cute haha "DING!"
    Totally agree, but I won't mind some packs ;)

  7. He probably put on the extra kilos cos' B finds him too skinny before this. She has commented on separate occasions about his weight. She oso once said 肥啲好揽啲.

  8. Hahaha! I never realized that. But seriously, they do behave like a real (low-profile) couple. :P It's cool and I hope everybody continues this way.
    We all know he's a sweet, nice and wonderful guy. I think it's normal for him to say what he said. :) He will surprise me if he said something like "I will call her to tell her to be careful". No, that's never happening. Ha.

  9. I think he once said he'll tell her to be more careful if he has the chance, but visiting the set is a whole other level hahaha

  10. Wow. I'm reminded of the clip that had Mai Suet jie saying B joins the HOG casts for lunch. Hee.