Filming 《心戰》 [3]

10/20 at Central:

In this scene, Rachel is leaning against her mini cooper, smoking her cigarette, and looking around when Moses drives by and she catches his eye. He then stops his car, rolls down the window and asks her, "小姐,你冇事吖嘛! (Miss, are you okay?)"

Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun

Aw babe, what happened to your beard & mustache? :( I really liked it hahaha
Rachel looks so smokin' hot! I like her a lot so I don't mind seeing her paired with Moses hehe
He looks very tired in that first pic. I hope he's getting enough rest :)


  1. i like rachel alot too. i think shes really pretty and not a bad actress. i just wish other producers also gave her more chances.

    is she a main role who gets to be with moses? or just a side story again?

  2. ^o^ I think she gets to be in a lot of production, but it feels like Chik gives her bigger roles :) I actually don't know what her role is...maybe she's one of Moses' murder victims :/ lol

  3. I, too like Rachel. :)

    Ha ha.... Moses only gets to wear his stud in Chik series. ;)

  4. I wish he would also pierce his other ear hehe :P

  5. I don't think he will pierce his other ear because he has said before that he pierce both holes on the same ear as he mentioned piercing both ears mean gay.

  6. Moses looks very adorable when he's eating ice-cream =D

  7. Jenny: He said that a while back :/ it's 2010 now I wish he would be more open minded, but that's old school Mo for us HAHA :P

    Anonymous: ^o^