Calvin Klein Jeans X

Moses attends Calvin Klein Jeans X's grand opening.
He said he was never a spokesperson for underwear, but he would like to try. He added, he would need to be very fit and have a nice body before he would be an underwear model. At the moment, he feels he's a bit fat, but it brings him luck and fate with the audience.

Source: Headline Daily, on.cc, Oriental Daily, The Sun, Sing Tao Daily, mingpao

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Oh Moses your hair...I give up! HAHAHA
I like the whole eye thing he's got going on. It's so intent and sexy heee maybe it's 'cause he's tired oops lol
The new shoes is very cool! Please dress like this more often :D
And it looks like the mustache and beard is growing out nicely. He's such a hairless person; I think it'll probably take him forever to grow a really nice one haha. After watching the clips I have to say he's a lot more manly with the mustache and beard...We have to take him seriously now rofl

Mo in his undies?! "I dunno..." keke I'm not gonna lie...I'll definitely want to see it. :9


  1. ONTV clip: http://tv.on.cc/index.html?s=4&ss=top4&i=OEN101012-5669-105M-2025&d=1286958416

  2. Sina clip: http://video.sina.com.cn/p/ent/s/h/2010-10-13/164961158773.html

    Last part is awesome! And the way he says "beach boy" reminds me of B. :P

  3. Thank you, mabbie! Sina clip was totally fun--Moses with his off Mandarin hahaha! Aw, "beach boy" from Japan xD remember that surfing cookie that B really liked?! hehe

  4. Mo really need to brush up his Mando. I thought mine is bad but hisis worse.....sigh...!

  5. HAHAHA for reals! Oh man, I'm a bit embarrassed for him xD but totally wanna give him a hug and say "It's going to be okay ♥" lol

  6. Ha. His Mandarin still has a lot to improve on. :P That is the exact B scene I was talking about. You know I went to rewatch that part. Hee.

  7. xD I totally expected you to do it! You're such a huge B fangirl haha

  8. Ha. You're the same, you're a huge Mo fangirl. :P