Armani Exchange Fall/Winter

Moses & Bernice attend Armani Exchange's Fall/Winter opening event.
They were asked if they would publicize their relationship like Charlene Choi (阿Sa) and William Chan did. Moses made a gag and said, "Public event?" Moses added, "Looking at 阿Sa's situation, everyone handles it differently. I'm more of a low profile person. I think when it comes to rumors and love relationships I try not to talk about it too much...It's not that I won't talk about [marriage], but I just won't say too much about it." Bernice asked him, "Would you get married?" and he replied, "[I] will, of course I will!" He added, "When it's time to get married I'll get married...Maybe I'll get married tomorrow." Bernice interrupted, "I'll buy you some coffee so you guys (Mo & reporters) can take your time and talk!"
Regarding marriage Moses said, "I think it's not popular anymore to plan weddings...Impromptu is popular now."

Moses was told that Michael Miu thinks that he has a chance of winning "Best Actor" this year. Moses smiled happily and said he now has one more vote and hopes that people will vote for him. Reporters asked him if he's confident that he'll win and he replied, "No, it's just that there's now one more person who has confidence in me." Reporters also asked if he's attending all these functions/events lately to boost his popularity for the award and he replied, "There's no need to do anything special, it's just that in the past I was too busy filming, [I] want to use the free time I have now before starting a new drama, to do more 'shows' and to develop in different areas."

Source: Headline Daily, Sing Tao Daily, on.cc, HKHeadline, Appledaily, Metro Daily, mingpao, singpao

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asdfghjklhagfj lol there are no words to really describe how I feel about these two at this particular time and event. I seriously wish someone would make these Mo & B dolls that talk & flirt like the way they do HAHAHA who won't buy one?! They're too funny, cute, and silly. Please get married and make 100 babies so the whole world can enjoy your awesomeness xD

I just want to mention how chubby he looks in that coat osh, but he still looks very good & matching with Bernice hehe there's just a lot more tolerance when she's also in the picture.

Videos are always good stuff. I love seeing how they both like looking at each other when the other isn't looking. Gah, L-O-V-E. LOL at Bernice's expression when she was trying to figure out what he was saying in that last bit of the Sohu clip.

Sorry to have written so much today, but I just have to add this:
Mo & Aarif OMG ^_^


  1. Youku clip: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjE0Nzk2MTQw.html

  2. More clips links at my twitter. :)

    By the way, Aarif looks like a little boy beside Moses. Hee.

  3. Thank you for all the links and notification!!! Waking up & coming home to all these clips is like the best thing EVER xD I loved every one of them especially the ontv clip 'cause we can hear some of the reporters, but too bad it ended when B was laughing at his use of words haha. When B said loudly, "我有拍拖!" and Moses laughed loudly I thought there was something there :P maybe I'm just thinking too much about it. Then there's that part when Mo was going to say the first drama they filmed together and I don't know, but B had that look like she was thinking of what it is, yet she had that smile that kinda says she remembers it very well (and loves it).
    In the Tungstar (Youku) clip, I don't know if it's 'cause B's mando isn't that great, but did I hear her say, "他有問我..." and that's when Mo started smiling very sweetly ^o^ it was a very beautiful moment ♥ If he did ask her if she thinks he has a chance then I just find it so freakin' sweet.
    Oh man they're so sweet together! They turn my heart into chocolate hehehe

  4. Wow, the way they answered it seemed like good practice! And, I am so glad that they have more public functions now. So, when will they film another series together portraying a couple like Boscolie? And, as always, this made my day a lot better after pulling an all nighter to finish stuff to present at today's midterm!

    And I am sure that if they had broke up in the past, they are back together and sweeter than ever!

  5. ONTV's my favourite! B's expression when reporters asked when will they publicize their relationship was soooooooo priceless. Not only did she look tense, her eyes shifted from right to left and left to right as if searching for an answer. I bet she was thinking "Save us, Moses!", or something along that line. Hahaha!
    Nope, Mo laughed loudly at the point she said "when I was young...". His laughter was like a form of relief while hers seemed to say "Yes! I got this under my control!" But Mo had this grin when she said 我有拍拖!", and to me it means something. :)
    She can't fool herself and us. It's obvious she remembers Love Bond. At many of her recent functions, she has expressed her desire to film a series with Mo again. Awwwww, I want so badly for another MoB series next year!
    By the way, did you notice she stole a few looks at his moustache or lips area? Hee.
    When marriage was the subject, every single detail was natural. Mo stressed he will get married. B tried to avoid and suggested to buy coffee for him. Totally agree with love_of_tvb, "good practice".
    The most awesome part is this silence followed by an awkward loud laughter from Mo when a reporter informed him of B's view about publicizing her relationship (it was quite amusing that the reporter mentioned B and the things she said like she wasn't there physically). Look at the both of them nod in agreement, don't you think they actually have lots to say?
    And I love the way she laughed at his comment at the last part of ONTV's. I thought it meant something because I don't understand how was it so funny that she laughed that way (the knee-bend and her super wide smile plus the mouth-cover). :P

    I heard her say ""他有問我..." too! Do you think there's this possibility he asked her? I can't disagree that it is so sweet if he did ask her. Her support means a lot. ;D
    Hmmmm, B needs to brush up on her Mandarin if not it'll be a tougher challenge to understand her! Ha.

    You know it's been way too long since the last time we did this! :D

  6. love_of_tvb:
    They're probably very used to saying the same thing over and over again :D Every mobster is hoping for them to collab again, but I doubt it's gonna happen in series. Maybe a movie?! hehe
    I hope your midterm went well ^_^

  7. mabbie:
    Oh wow I didn't even realize her eyes were shifting like that xD she definitely looked a little tense there, but of course Mo Man to the rescue ♪superhero music♪
    I had to go re-watch that part. He's totally laughing at her silliness--her being very loud (probably even shocking herself) and then finishing it off haha. Aw, I think the smile at that part meant something too. But I don't know if the reporters caught on :P
    Love Bond was the bestest!!! Their "touching" in there was just so real HAHAHA
    B is always looking at Mo...like there are times when she blatantly stares at him (sometimes without blinking), which I find a bit creepy, but I still love it ^o^ She's probably checking out his blushing face too.
    She tried to act like she didn't care when Mo answered "I will" but I dunno it felt a little too much of an "I don't care feel"...too fake?! kekeke
    Their nodding was so in sync! Crazy cool!!! I feel like they just both totally agreed and had nothing more to say on it, which is pretty fine with me.
    That last bit made a lot of sense to me maybe 'cause I'm a crazy Mo fangirl who finds everything he says amusing as well xD but I do agree with you that her reaction was just way over the top and CUTE ♥ Mo is definitely the man for her since she loves to laugh and he makes her laugh so easily.

    If they're close like the way we want them to be then he probably did ask her numerous times like BF/GF do when it comes to these things. It's equivalent to a husband asking his wife if she thinks he'll get the promotion ROFL ;)
    Aw, I like their bad mandarin! It makes their interview so much cuter hehe

    I wish we can do this more often too! Maybe our next time will be the lighting ceremony *v*

  8. Yeah, their mandarin was superb funny. Mo tried to correct her and his also not correct. 纇抖纇。

  9. BWAHAHAHA that's just sad >_< xD What does those 3 words mean? :)

  10. lui dou lui meaning two persom very compatible because both also not good at it.

  11. Now I feel like re-watching Love Bond again. Ha. Please have a MoB collaboration soon! Is it official that Mo will take part in the new CNY movie? If it's true, I hope Eric Tsang casts B too!
    Yes yes, her eyes always falls on him when he speaks. She looks at his hair and his eyes and his lips. Aw, love!
    So you think so too! I thought her "I don't care feel" was acted out. B, we know you hope to set up your family before you turn 35, but don't make it this obvious. Asking him the golden question in public only tells more. Hee!
    Love their in sync nodding! :D Hmmmm, but there's so many things they could've said, or maybe I should say the silence meant so much. I don't know how best could I describe my thoughts. I feel Mo could've stressed again, "for me, I would prefer to keep my relationship to myself" or said "yes, I agree with her". With the both of them speechless, it seemed clear that her other half is him. ;) And also I thought B was trying to keep herself composed. She appeared tense again, as if afraid the reporter will "say the wrong thing". Perhaps they didn't discuss this before facing the reporters. Ha!
    You got it right! Sometimes Mo makes me smile and laugh at the things he say, but I don't laugh to B's extent. And his comment there was a simple statement, I don't think he meant anything. :P

    It's super sweet if he had asked her and her reply to him is "I support you, of course"! Imagining it makes me excited already. Hahaha. I'm sounding like a crazy fangirl. Hee.
    I agree their Mandarin makes their interview much cuter. Like at times when B tried to figure out what he was saying, and when Mo did translations for her (although it wasn't always correctly translated). They're just so sweet. :') But if their Mandarin don't improve, we might misunderstand their meanings. That won't be nice. :O

    Tudou clip is also good. I love seeing their interactions. From 1:32 onwards is perfect and natural! Notice how she places her hand on his shoulder like it's a habit. Then when Mo said he gained more confidence knowing that Michael Miu voted for him, B had this smile... Hee.

    They're super awesome. ;)

    A pity B isn't taking part in Lighting Ceremony. :( We can look forward to Sales Presentation on 9/11. I wouldn't mind if they attend another function together again before then!

  12. Jenny: oh, never heard the term before :D

    mabbie: Yes, we shall re-watch it again. I usually just re-watch their scenes. The exact episode# is in my head :crazy:
    I actually don't know if it's official...last time news said he'll be in "72" and of course that didn't happen. I do hope Eric casts her too!!! And he seems like a MoB fan keke so maybe he'll give them some interactions?!! *v*
    She basically looks at everything hahaha I sometimes think she let's him do all the talking 'cause she likes hearing his voice--his voice is so deep & sexy :P
    I totally felt she was pretending not to care xD B still has a few more years to find her hubbie if Mo ain't the one. But from recent interviews it sounds like Mo has a girlfriend right now so I dunno. Whatever happens I'll be happy for them. I just hope it happens within this time when I'm still so hyped about it haha
    I think they didn't say anything 'cause they're so used to that process of reporters asking a question and they'll give a response so when there's no question they're just quiet...it's not a good time to say too much at that moment hehe you know what I mean? And when B reiterated it felt like she wanted Mo to know that she totally respects him :P
    He totally didn't mean to be funny, but the things or the way he says things is sometimes just too funny & adorable!

    HEHE we are all crazy sometimes ^o^
    Aw, I rather misunderstand their meaning 'cause that gives us things to talk about like now :P

    OMM, the hand on shoulder thing was so natural and sweet!!!
    The smile was ok, but the staring was really too apparent and creepy rofl

    Oh man 11/09 seems so far from now >_< I do wish there would be another function or event. That would be so AWESOME!!! ^_^

  13. Yes, same for me. I tried to re-watch the whole series but always end up skipping to their scenes. :P
    Eric is a MoB fan for sure. ;) Hmmmm, it's going to be November already and still no update on the movie. If MoB takes up the movie, wow, they will be soooooo busy! I don't want them to only appear as passer-by A/B/C.
    That's red alert for fangirl-behaviour. Hahaha. But it's not impossible. Hee.
    I choose to believe he's with B and she's with Mo. At times I feel their relationship falls in the line between lovers and best friends. A little like Gordon and Nickole in TMOL (do away with the intimate part). But I feel the same way as you do, I think it's obvious Mo has a girlfriend right now, and he's been dating her for a long time already. The reason why I'm confident of MoB is because of Mo. :) Few months back when he and Charmaine were rumoured to be together, he clarified so many times and sort of directly asked to end the rumour. But with B, he has never done or said anything like that. And we all know how long MoB's rumours have survived. If MoB isn't true, he could have done the same. I couldn't think of another reason to this "difference", unless there are other intentions that we may never know.
    Recently I have this strong feeling that we'll be hearing wedding bells ring before the end of 2011. It could just be my wishful thinking or simply because it's really about time they start their family together! They're no longer young, you know. :O
    You enlighten me! Wow, it's tough being in their positions. It seems like the reporters have a mission to accomplish that night, to force MoB into admitting their relationship(s). Ha. I would say the ONTV clip is one of the best so far. Bestest!

    You should totally release a "how to be a super Mo fangirl" manual or something. Hee. I so want to learn from you!

    Guessing games are always fun! We just can't get enough of them. :P

    Yes, the hand on the shoulder action. Love it sooooooooo much!
    Ha! B's big eyes make the stare much creepier! I don't remember seeing her stare the same way at other male co-stars. Perhaps that's her way of saying "I adore you" to Mo. Heehee.

    Mo said there're more brands requesting for their 情侣档 appearance. I was wondering if he meant the have-done functions or if we should be expecting more to come. ;D
    Please keep the MoB functions coming in. And a MoB series too!

  14. They really make the series for me hehe :D
    I'm not gonna have high hopes for the movie...BUT if it happens I'll be so freakin' HAPPY!!! Hmmm, they'll most likely just have some screentime since it's such a huge production.
    B could be a Mo fangirl, but with exclusive access BWAHAHAHA xD
    Gordon & Nickole = friends with benefits *o* I'm gonna be pervy and think about the intimate stuff :P His girlfriend most definitely sounds like someone he knows will be his wifey, which is pretty good news. Even better news if she's B ^o^ I totally get what you mean by the whole denying his rumor with Charmaine. It really does mean something when he wants to flat out draw the line between him & Charmaine, but never with B. The only thing he says when it comes to B is, "Audiences are really smart; they'll know what's real & fake." I always thought there was a negative connotation to that, but not anymore after the way he responded to the other rumor :D
    End of 2011?!! Oh man, seriously too far from now hahaha I was hoping for the beginning of 2011.
    It's definitely tough, especially if they're really hiding something hehe ;)

    ROFL there's no way to teach someone the art of being a fangirl xD
    BUT you're a great B fangirl!!! You got your own style haha

    I really love talking about them. It's more entertaining than talking about his series sometimes.

    B with her big eyes and no blinking oosh :P Or maybe she's trying to make eye contact...the weird way lololol

    I hope so!!! They've spoiled us these past 2 months...now we want MORE!!! ^_^

  15. Hmmmm, I don't know if the movie is happening anymore. Feels like it's forgotten. It's November and nothing on the cast is revealed. :/
    You might be right! When asked if she supports him for Best Actor this year, B says she is just another audience (add: and a huge Mo fangirl). Ha. Sidetracking, I don't get why she isn't as confident in supporting him than as before. I really liked it when she was just rooting for him only. :(
    Oh Mare, I miss seeing you use the word "wifey". Hopefully there're more chances to use it in future. Totally awesome if "wifey" is to describe the one and only B. Hee.
    There's another line that he often says, "Regarding rumours (relationship), I will neither admit nor deny because I don't like to lie." He never failed to make me think when he says it.
    Ha. Honestly, I wish more than anything for the beginning of 2011. But my sixth sense says it's not so soon. Perhaps he'll propose in the beginning of 2011, but known to public at the end of 2011. :P

    Hee. I'm liking Mo more and more each day, credits to his image for the new series. Maybe it's true when they say 40 is a man's prime age. ;D

    There are plenty of possibilities when talking about them, that's why it's fun!

    Fingers twisted for 9/11! Fingers crossed for 19/11!

  16. Kinda over the movie now hehe it's time to be excited about all the Anniversary stuff--mainly the dates you mentioned *v* Mo & B dressing in their best and looking their best...and most importantly possibly taking pics together!!! hahaha
    I was hoping you would mention what she said at her recent function. It hurts! :/ But it's very fair since she is close to Wayne and Raymond.
    Keke I too love being able to use "wifey" but as you can see I only use it when I'm totally confident in the MoB :P recently not so much again 'cause of what B said hahaha
    Oh yes that one...that's a good one, but B's replies kinda contradicts it 'cause she usually says, "I don't have time to be in a relationship." >_< B brings us down a lot of time when Mo lifts us up :'(
    They do sound too busy to be planning anything argh! So excited to see how they announce it if it's for real.

    I think it's the way he looks too haha...it's not his age it's totally the facial hair! :P

    The dates are coming!!! So FREAKIN' excited!!!

  17. Filming for the movie has actually started. It stars Aarif.

    TVB gave us a pleasant surprise on 9/11, now I want more for 19/11. Hahaha! I have to agree with you and glazedover. There's no way they're in their best on 9/11. Come on, they can do waaaaaaay better.

    At her last function with Wayne, she made it clear that she's rooting for Wayne. Wow, she sure changes her stand quickly. But then again, perhaps that's the most "politically correct" response in that situation. :/

    Hmmmm, remind me. What did B say?
    MoB is real so don't lose confidence in them! Again, wedding bells should be ringing soon. I have a good feel about this, and I hope you feel the same way. ;D

    Ha. It's his age add the facial hair! :P I don't think the facial hair would look good on him if he is just 30.

  18. Oh for reals?!! Totally wasn't paying attention haha so are there any TVB artistes taking part?

    I hope they both have time to attend! ^_^ B dressed pretty nicely to me, but Mo was kinda off with that jacket of his hahaha :P

    I know right, B does that way too much...so not cool xD It's definitely all lot better when she says she supports everyone.

    I think that was the Wayne thing.
    HAHAHA you so crazy, but I do have more faith in MoB now. Something seems to be happening soon. Moses seems so different now when he's asked about his relationship. :D

    No way, he looked totally hot when he was in his late 20s with facial hair omm hehehe

  19. Yes, TVB artistes have a part, but those are some names I don't recognize. Ha.

    I don't think B will be there on 19/11. :( She starts outdoor filming at 7am followed by studio filming. Anyway, at least we're certain her role in the new sitcom is heavy.

    Deep V dresses/gowns look nicer on her, but I feel she has quite a sexy back. Hee.
    Ha. Mo o Mo. Let's hope he has his "battle suit" prepared. ;)
    Honestly, I'm happy to see them dressed in "couple suit". :D

    Yes, I'm not going to "defend" her this time. Ha! She was soooooooo much sweeter at first when she was just supporting Mo.

    Come on, aren't you like me? Hee!
    What you wrote makes me happy! Because you're such a huge Mo fangirl, if you say he's different now, it means he is different now. ;D
    Wedding bells wedding bells ring ring ring!

    Ha! 我说不过你。 :P